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Speed Matters

As QSRs place even greater focus on delivering personalized and engaging experiences to their guests, research indicates that speed still leads the pack as the single most important element of the QSR experience.

Measuring speed is one part of the equation, but transforming it into a differentiator requires more than that. At SICOM, we have a formula that will drive direct and measurable improvements to your speed of service metrics.

SMART Speed of Service

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of customers
rate speed of service as a top factor when selecting a QSR.1

Experience Matters

Great guest experiences require even more than omni-channel interactions. They require QSRs to exceed every customer expectation without exception.

From speed of service, to order accuracy, food quality and guest engagement, we deliver the data-driven technologies you need to outperform on every KPI and keep guests coming back for more.

Why Does Experience Matter?

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of customers
expect a consistent experience wherever they interact with a brand.2

Engagement Matters

Today’s guests require even more than great food. In addition, they require personalized and engaging experiences from the brands with which they interact.

Engaging guests in today’s connected reality requires that brands have the ability to tailor customer-facing interactions in a highly personalized way. At SICOM, we deliver a dynamic suite of solutions aimed at cultivating engagement and growing sales.

Engagement in the Great Outdoors

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of customers
are open to complementary selling.3

Growth Matters

International markets offer exciting opportunities for brands that are domestic favorites. But making your way into global markets can be a challenging task—marked by unique customer tastes and new regulatory realities.

At SICOM, we understand the intricacies of delivering connected restaurant experiences around the globe. In fact, our scalable solutions are not only optimized for international reach, they’ll empower your brand to serve new markets better than ever before.

Go Global: Grow Faster & Smarter

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Learn How We’re Enabling Global Growth

anticipated in the global fast food market by 2022.4

Quality Matters

With today’s guests valuing quality more than ever, your QSR’s ability to drive lasting loyalty really comes down to what’s in the bag.

While choice ingredients and knowledgeable crew members both play a role, purpose-built technologies can provide the information, insights and automation necessary to make quality and consistency key differentiators for your brand.

Advanced Kitchen Management

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of customers
rank food quality as an important factor when selecting a restaurant.5

Profitability Matters

At the end of the day, running a restaurant comes down to dollars and cents. Technology presents powerful opportunities for cost savings and revenue growth, but getting there requires the right technology solutions, employed in the right way.

At SICOM, we know where inefficiencies hide inside the QSR, and will help you uncover and eliminate them for greater overall profitability. At the same time, our solutions power top line growth through proven contextual selling.

What is Food Waste Costing You?

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Learn How We’re Improving Profitability

of food
purchased by restaurants is thrown out before reaching guests.6

Visibility Matters

What’s happening inside your restaurants at this very moment? In today’s dynamic restaurant reality, brands and franchisees are required to know the answer—no matter how diverse or vast their presence.

As QSRs grow, the challenges to visibility grow also. Yet, visibility remains key to making the highest impact decisions with the greatest possible agility. At SICOM, we empower QSRs to view and understand what’s going on in their restaurants from wherever they are.

All Power to the Portal

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potential sales increase
per employee by increasing data usability 10%.7

Accuracy Matters

Guest loyalty is hard won and easily lost, one inaccurate order at a time. Order accuracy is a pillar of the QSR experience, and building lasting guest allegiance requires getting it right with no exceptions.

At SICOM, we deliver restaurant solutions that eliminate order inaccuracy at its source—whether that be when the order is recorded, when the food is prepared, or when the meal is served.

The Evolving Role of Order Confirmation

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Learn How We’re Improving Order Accuracy

of food orders
received by customers are inaccurate.8

Data Matters

Excelling in today’s QSR landscape requires actionable insights across every restaurant and region of the world. And yet, many solutions don’t effectively translate data into action, or don’t collect data at all.

At SICOM, we recognize data is the lifeblood of your QSR. Our proven framework unleashes real-time insights at scale to empower more proactive, data-driven decisions for brands and franchisees.

Big Data Isn’t So Big

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Learn How We’re Unleashing Actionable Insights

of small business owners
that have embraced big data report that deployment was easier than they anticipated.9

Jennifer Doan, Director, Product Management

Featured QSR Expert

“We break down silos in the restaurant to create a connected technology landscape that fuels data-driven decisions. It’s about more than a point of sale or a digital menu board—it’s in the connections between each technology where the real magic happens.”

Jennifer Doan, Director, Product Management

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Jere Richardson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Featured QSR Expert

“When many think of experience, they think first of omni-channel technologies. But there’s much more to it. Great experiences also require fast service, accurate orders, quality food, and more. We deliver technologies that elevate every aspect of experience.”

Jere Richardson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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Miguel Solares, Senior Vice President

Featured QSR Expert

“Over the past few years, technology has transformed from a functional tool for the QSR to a source of real, strategic differentiation. As customer demands rise and the food landscape continues to evolve, technology has the power to move today’s QSRs forward.”

Miguel Solares, Senior Vice President

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Scott Meyer, Senior Vice President, Operations

Featured QSR Expert

“It’s about more than great technology. It’s about a technology partnership that provides the strategic insight, responsiveness and support QSRs need to unleash everything the technology has to offer and ultimately, maximize return on their investments.”

Scott Meyer, Senior Vice President, Operations

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