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Do you know what’s happening in all of your restaurants at this very moment? It’s a real-time world that requires brands and franchises to have real-time visibility across all of their restaurant locations, at all times.

As today’s restaurants and food service providers continue to adapt to rigorous customer demands, new competitive food options and an expanding landscape of restaurant technologies, the need for full visibility into the entire ecosystem has never been more important. Yet, when it comes to delivering a comprehensive view, many technology vendors take a one-dimensional approach, curtailed to the needs of one specific stakeholder, or worse, isolate solution-related insights to their respective silos. At SICOM, we give new meaning to visibility for restaurant and food service communities with restaurant data and analytics solutions that ensure you know what’s happening, precisely as it happens.

Only 23% of businesses today are using location-specific intelligence for critical business decisions.1

The average company could increase annual sales per employee by 14.4% if it increased the usability of its data by 10%.2

Many stakeholders, one restaurant portal.

Our commitment to visibility begins with our unified SICOM Portal, which provides every stakeholder tailored visibility and control over the entire restaurant technology landscape. For the brand, this visibility provides the restaurant data insights needed to better serve guests and support franchisees. For the franchise, this visibility delivers a complete view of operations across locations. For the restaurant, it breaks down silos between the front counter, kitchen, and back office.

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A data-driven view for restaurant brands.

For the brand executive, complete visibility has the power to shape market-leading menu items, new programs to support franchise performance, and operational initiatives that drive greater efficiency. By providing restaurant data and analytics to brands, SICOM 360° Brand Intelligence shortens the time from hypothesis to action, connecting brands to the information they need to make informed decisions with the greatest possible ability. Most importantly, our team works around the clock to ensure brand visibility is complete, and that no restaurant is left in the dark.

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A data-driven view for restaurant franchises.

At the same time, franchisees require a unique understanding of their multi-unit operations. Cross-restaurant visibility has the power to radically improve operational efficiency and ensure that franchise and brand-level performance standards are being met. As a Cloud-based, data-driven solution built to assist operators with managing and optimizing their day-to-day business, SEMS4 Restaurant Management pairs real-time, cross-restaurant data with best-in-class tools for visibility and control to radically simplify the task of managing multiple restaurants at once.

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A data-driven view for restaurant management.

Managers who are working on the ground day-in and day-out also require visibility in order to complete daily tasks more efficiently and effectively. From viewing labor and inventory utilization, to tracking speed of service in real time, to understanding kitchen operations in an instant, SICOM provides managers the cross-functional restaurant data they need to streamline key processes and perform better than ever.

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How does your business stack up when it comes to visibility into your restaurants?

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