Speed Matters


They Feel the Need,
the Need for Speed of Service

When customers enter a restaurant or food service establishment, they expect to receive their food fast–or better yet, have their food fresh and ready before they walk through the front door.

There’s no second chance when it comes to speed of service. Guests have long memories, and perceptions of slow speed of service in restaurants has a way of sticking around. While speed is important across all areas of the restaurant, the need for speedy service is even greater at the drive thru, where customers forego the engaging indoor restaurant experience in favor of a faster alternative. With the heart of the restaurant relying on speed, it’s clear that there’s no time to waste.

90% of customers rate speed of service as a top factor when selecting a restaurant.2

Between 2014 and 2017, speed of service decreased nearly 10%.3

Speed is the name of the game.

Measuring speed of service is one part of the equation, but transforming it into a differentiator of your restaurant requires even more. A solution with real-time visualization can go a long way to improve speed of service and shrink the distance between crew and drive thru guests. Even more impactful, however, is our Drive-Thru Director™, with its ability to mitigate wait times through its unique Rack-N-Stack™ functionality that gamifies the drive thru by showing crew how their speed stacks up when compared to other restaurant locations.

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Accelerating service, one channel at a time.

In today’s immediacy era, guests are looking for exceptional service in no time at all. The omni-channel point of sale empowers near-instantaneous ordering experiences without sacrificing engagement, empowering guests to input their orders on-demand, via their channel of choice. Whether the core point of sale, kiosk, tablet, or mobile, our Encounter™ Omni-Channel Point of Sale solution empowers restaurants to quickly embrace omni-channel operations and speed up service like never before.

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Get ready. Get set. Go.

Nothing slows speed down quite like an item that needs restocking while guests are waiting. Kitchen preparation projections are equally integral to speed of service in restaurants. If inaccurate, a shortage could leave an entire lunch crowd’s worth of guests waiting around as your kitchen staff scrambles to catch up. By leveraging historic point of sale data, SICOM Chef™ Kitchen Management makes predicting food usage a breeze, so your kitchen is ready to roll when your guests are.

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Expediting omni-channel order fulfillment.

Speed of service is made or broken in the middle of house. As orders come in from a myriad of channels inside and outside the restaurant, crew members must fulfill the right ticket at precisely the right time. SICOM Expeditor Connected Kitchen Display empowers kitchen crews to optimize order fulfillment practices across channels through visual order notifications, real-time prioritization, and intuitive alerts that make speedy and accurate service an easy order to fill.

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How does your business stack up when it comes to speed of service?

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“Speed is a pillar of today’s food experiences—but in today’s immediacy era, fast is never fast enough. At SICOM, we view speed of service as a multi-faceted objective that can be improved at every point of the ordering process.”

Jon Northrup, Business Development Manager

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