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Serving Up Quality Food,
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With so many food options available for customers to pick from, how can your concept stand out from the crowd? At the end of the day, it’s about food quality management.

While evocative and innovative marketing can cut through the clutter, your restaurant’s ability to drive lasting loyalty really comes down to the food you deliver. Research indicates that today’s guests are more quality-conscious than ever, requiring choice-ingredients, innovative food options, and consistency with no exceptions.

90% of customers say food quality is an important factor to consider when choosing a restaurant.1

As much as 10% of food purchased by restaurants is thrown out before reaching guests.2

When it comes to quality food, we’ve got your back.

Behind every delicious meal is a high-performing kitchen. Behind every high-performing kitchen is advanced kitchen management. In a high-volume restaurant environment with rigorous demands for consistency, food quality management practices matter. Whether tracking inventory so your restaurant never runs out of key items, identifying prep and thaw counts based on historic sales numbers, or monitoring holding times to ensure freshness, our Chef™ Kitchen Management System puts data to work to make food quality a mainstay of your restaurants.

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Placing food quality front and center.

While the kitchen delivers quality your customers can taste, the restaurant menu board delivers quality your customers can feel. Your restaurant works hard to deliver fresh, consistent output, so your menu should do your food justice. Nothing brings restaurant food quality to life more than digital signage solutions, which harness dynamic, life-like colors and vibrant, video graphics to convey quality to each and every guest that visits your restaurant.

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Food quality management, any time from anywhere.

Restaurant food quality management doesn’t just take place in the kitchen. It spans the entire food supply chain. For multi-unit operations, managing inventory and supply chain processes across a multitude of restaurant locations can be a complex, time-consuming task. With SICOM SEMS4 Restaurant Management, owners and managers can uphold quality standards through radically simplified multi-vendor, multi-location inventory management that provides them complete visibility and control from wherever they are.

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How does your business stack up when it comes to quality?

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“With food quality playing such a fundamental role in the restaurant experience, we can’t afford to cut this conversation short. At SICOM, we not only provide you the restaurant food quality management tools needed to deliver on your promise to serve up high quality meals, but also offer the solutions necessary to convey this differentiator to your guests in a powerful way.”

Mussana Hashmi, Product Manager

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