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Improving the Restaurant Profitability Equation

At the end of the day, a restaurant’s success comes down to dollars and cents. The restaurant profitability equation is simple: grow sales, decrease waste, and delight guests while doing it. By making real-time data actionable, the right solutions can simultaneously power top and bottom line growth.

Skilled in the unique requirements of the restaurant and food service environments, we find and eliminate inefficiencies where they hide. Like in the kitchen, for example, where the cost of food waste quickly adds up, or in the drive thru, where sub-par speed of service is a drag on restaurant profitability. At the same time, our solutions make a direct impact on revenue through suggestive selling logic that is proven to help your restaurants sell more. At SICOM, we can show you how to increase restaurant sales while also decreasing food waste across all of your locations.

54% of consumers are open to complementary selling.1

Up to 10% of food purchased by restaurants is thrown out before reaching guests.2

How to increase restaurant sales by selling more items, more often.

Would you like a cookie with that sandwich? How about a smoothie to go along with your meal? Our embedded and freestanding order confirmation units harness data-driven suggestive selling to customize each sales interaction to each guest’s interest by utilizing transaction-specific information and advanced business logic to suggest complementary items that increase average ticket total. The result? More sales and more satisfied guests.

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How to decrease food waste by bringing cost-saving precision to a best-guess world.

The hidden cost of operating a restaurant is not found in the food you deliver to the customer—it’s found in the food you don’t. In fact, food waste tops the charts as a restaurant’s second largest expense next to labor. SICOM Chef™ Kitchen Management cuts waste at its source by leveraging historical sales data to optimize cooking and preparation recommendations based on location, season, day-part, and more.

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Not too little. Not too much. Just right.

Quick service restaurants and food service providers often consider the consequences of shortages, but what about the consequences of a surplus? While a few too many employees scheduled per shift and a bit too much inventory left over may seem like small beans, these inefficiencies can amount to a substantial expense for your restaurant over the long run. SICOM SEMS4 Restaurant Management brings precision to inventory and labor scheduling, making data-driven recommendations to ensure you’re prepared to serve and profitable.

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How does your business stack up when it comes to growing sales and reducing expenses?

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“Maximizing restaurant profitability requires a two-fold effort: a top-down approach to increase restaurant sales and a bottom-up approach to decrease food waste. At SICOM, we’re leading this charge, providing you solutions that enhance profitability by optimizing every part of your restaurant.”

Joel Hoffman, Product Manager

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