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Global Restaurant Solutions for a World of Opportunity

From the first telephone to the personal computer, technology has made the world a whole lot smaller. Global restaurant solutions are no different.

As restaurants and food service providers make their way into new and expanded markets, they must navigate a myriad of complexities including new languages, customer preferences and tastes, currencies and regulations. Adapting a brand to national and localized variations is challenging enough, but today’s restaurants must go a step further. Entry into a new market must be carried out in a way that upholds the integrity of a brand’s data—the lifeblood of data-driven decisions. With the help of global restaurant solutions, today’s brands can not only accelerate but also improve their international success.

15% of the American population will eat fast food each day.1

The global fast food market will grow by 22% from 2016 to 2022.2

Data standardization, no exceptions.

Whether you’re opening a new store or entering a new nation, your technology framework must support the scalable delivery of complete, real-time insights that fuel data-driven decisions. At SICOM, we are experts in the science of data standardization, and provide the global brand intelligence you need to make the best decisions, with the greatest agility.

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Localized flexibility for
global success.

When a domestic favorite goes global, it must quickly adapt to the subtleties of each new market. This requires the modification of favorite menu items, the adaptation of day-parts, and the deployment of new languages—just to name a few. The power to localize quickly and flexibly is critical to international success. At SICOM, we provide our clients the ability to tailor and deploy localized variations that extend through every part of their technology landscape—from the point of sale, to the digital menu, to labor reporting and more.

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Scalable support,
where and when you need it.

The larger you grow, the more support resources your team requires to deliver exemplary guest experiences and maximize ROI. This need is only amplified as you enter foreign markets, where language barriers, cultural differences, and time zones make support an even taller order to fill. Here at SICOM, our SICOMSERV team offers multi-lingual, around-the-clock support for our global restaurant solutions through a variety of channels to support your crew members worldwide.


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