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We Know What Makes a Great Restaurant Experience

Exceptional restaurant guest experiences require more than omni-channel technologies. They require restaurants and food service providers to exceed every guest expectation, without exception.

To deliver memorable experiences that are capable of driving lasting loyalty, today’s restaurants have a tall order to fill. From speedy service to accurate orders, quality food, and personalized engagement—a great guest experience means all of this and more. Cultivating repeatable, market-dominating experiences requires a partner that delivers the data-driven solutions needed to exceed every KPI again and again.

72% of customers will report a favorable experience to 6 or more people.1

75% of customers expect a consistent experience wherever they interact with a brand.2

Powering connected guest experiences in every part of the restaurant.

Behind every exceptional guest experience are exceptional solutions that elevate the experiences of crew members, managers, and franchise owners. At SICOM, we deliver end-to-end solutions that put experience first for each and every restaurant and food service stakeholder. Our solutions span every part of the restaurant—from the front of house, to the middle of house and the back office.

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Shaping tomorrow’s restaurant guest experience, today.

We contribute more than great technologies to restaurant and food service communities. Together with the brands and franchises we serve, we’re applying technology to power connected restaurant experiences that elevate satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. Nothing says we take experience seriously quite like our Customer Experience Center, TheWorks, a fully functional restaurant where we collaborate, innovate, and experience SICOM technologies in context.

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the works

Your experience to elevate theirs.

Delivering market-leading experiences to your guests is a full-time job, and we’re here to make sure your technology is an enabler, not an obstacle. That’s why our SICOM Portal provides centralized visibility and control over your entire technology landscape from one, intuitive interface. It’s a better experience for you, so you can deliver better experiences to them.

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How does your business stack up when it comes to delivering exemplary guest experiences?

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“Our approach to improving the restaurant experience begins with engaging the guest, but it doesn’t stop there. We believe that making every experience exceptional requires restaurants to elevate every KPI—from engagement, to speed, accuracy, food quality, and more.”

Jere Richardson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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