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Your customer’s attention is a hot commodity. In fact, studies indicate that the average customer is exposed to as many as 10,000 brand messages a day1, making their undivided focus hard won and easily lost.

To enhance customer engagement, more and more quick service restaurants and food service providers are embracing the power of personalized promotions, loyalty programs, and limited time offers. The key to success in today’s customer-centered world is automating this personalization in the restaurant to efficiently deliver dynamic, one-to-one experiences that attract, engage, and retain guests like never before.

54% of consumers are open to complementary selling.2

63% of millennials are willing to share data with companies in order to receive personalized offers.3

Pick a channel, any channel.

It’s an omni-channel world, and we’re all living in it. Serving today’s connected customers demands that your point of sale solution be truly omni-channel—capable of engaging your guests any way and any time they choose. At SICOM, our omni-channel point of sale platform empowers your brand to adapt to new channels on-demand while maintaining a robust and normalized data framework that shapes high-impact decisions. Did we mention it’s easy to use? We deliver it all without losing focus on the point of sale fundamentals of reliability, security and usability.

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Data-driven promotions that know what guests really want.

Just because every guest looks at the same menu board doesn’t mean they all need to see the same thing. Relevance is a moving target with your customer at the center. By employing real-time suggestive selling that tailors promotions for each guest, and empowering quick service restaurants and food service providers to dynamically deploy LTOs across locations, our digital signage solutions transform the restaurant into an active selling environment that strengthens loyalty and grows revenue.

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Let’s deliver market-dominating experiences, together.

Looking to deploy restaurant technology in a new and innovative way to engage your guests? Join our team of experts in TheWorks, our Customer Experience Center. We’ll help you build technology-enabled experiences that are sure to win the hearts of your guests and increase your share of the market.

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How does your business stack up when it comes to engagement?

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“Today’s guests expect the brands they interact with to deliver personalized experiences, customized to their unique preferences and needs. Here at SICOM, we’re employing the best in restaurant technology to automate the delivery of personalized experiences—both in the restaurant and at the drive thru.”

Chris Mims, Technical Product Manager

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