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In today’s data-driven reality, real-time analysis is key to engaging your consumers better, running your operation smarter, and driving strategic enhancements that power competitive advantage.

Yet, with millions of data points generated in a single day, translating raw restaurant data into action-ready insights can seem just out of reach. This challenge becomes even more complicated when more locations, some situated in foreign countries, are added to the mix. As data-driven decisions continue to shape the success of today’s leading brands, it’s more important than ever for restaurants and food service providers to develop a scalable and sustainable data analysis framework that unleashes the big insights that big data provides.

80% of small business owners that have embraced big data report that deployment was easier than they anticipated.1

By 2020, 51% of customers expect that businesses will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions.2

Enjoy the view.

For today’s brand leaders, omnipresence still isn’t a possibility—but technology is coming close. Achieving brand-wide visibility is integral to today’s brand leaders better understanding and responding to the realities of their markets and franchise communities. As the first universal data collection and standardization engine built for the restaurant landscape, SICOM 360˚ unleashes the high-velocity, global restaurant data brand leaders need to make the best, most impactful decisions with the greatest possible agility.

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All of the data insights you need, right where you need them.

As today’s franchisees continue to grow, they are challenged to run an increasing number of restaurant locations with the same 24 hours in a day. Franchise-wide data analysis empowers owners and operators to manage more with less by radically improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operational processes like inventory management, labor management and sales reporting. SEMS4 Restaurant Management provides real-time insights within and across each of a franchise’s restaurant locations to fuel timely, data-rich decision making.

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Powering the data-driven restaurant.

The promise of data-driven decision making is further animated inside the restaurant’s doors, in a connected technology landscape that unleashes and leverages restaurant data cross-functionally to reach new heights when it comes to productivity, profitability, and performance. At SICOM, our end-to-end suite of data-driven restaurant solutions breaks down silos in real time to realize the true potential of connectivity in practice.

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How does your business stack up when it comes to unleashing actionable data?

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“Differentiation is increasingly rooted in the ability to harness mass quantities of restaurant data, then readily translate this information into action. Data analysis has the ability to radically change things for every member of the restaurant community—the brand leader, the franchisee, the manager and ultimately, the guest.”

Bob Doan, Senior Vice President, Research & Development

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