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Just What the Doctor Ordered

For quick service restaurants and food service providers, the world is constantly changing. But some things will never change—like a guest’s desire to receive what he or she ordered.

In today’s food landscape, guest loyalty is hard won and easily lost, one inaccurate order at a time. The demand for order accuracy is even more vital in the drive thru, where 70 percent of quick service orders are placed1. Once a drive thru guest leaves the lane, it is typically too late to rectify the mistake, leaving the guest with a bad taste that can impact future visits. That means restaurants must get orders right the first time.

1 of every 10 food orders is incorrect.2

96% of customers value order accuracy above anything else.3

Get it right from start to finish.

When it comes to order accuracy, don’t underestimate the role of your point of sale. An intuitive point of sale is integral to empowering your crew to enter orders easily and correctly—and keeping your kitchen crew in the loop. Our omni-channel point of sale requires little-to-no training, and acts as a responsive liaison between front and back of house operations.

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Ace every order,
with a side of up-sell.

Nothing ensures an accurate order quite like a drive thru order confirmation system—which allows drive thru guests to preview and confirm all items and customizations before the kitchen gets to work. In addition to ensuring accuracy, our embedded order confirmation systems also offer a chance for contextual cross-selling and up-selling that makes a measurable impact on your bottom line.

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Drive loyalty long after they drive away.

While many guests check their bag before driving away, spot checks only ensure they received the right item—not that the item was correctly prepared. A latent source of inaccuracy lies ‘between the bun’—in the customization that was left out, or the menu item that was prepared incorrectly. SICOM Chef™ optimizes quick service and food service kitchens to ensure that every item is prepared as it should be.

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How does your business stack up when it comes to order accuracy?

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“Most people think of order accuracy as a one-dimensional issue, but there’s much more to it. Inaccuracy can occur when a customer places his or her order, when the kitchen prepares that order, or when the order is served. We are addressing order accuracy throughout the entire process.”

Aaron Miklosey, Product Manager

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