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What Matters?

Restaurant solutions that know what really matters.

We believe that innovation isn’t innovating unless it solves a problem, embraces an opportunity, or achieves a goal. That’s why, at SICOM, we deliver more than great technologies. We deliver strategic solutions that apply the best technology has to offer to achieve real results for the restaurants and food service providers we serve, and the guests that enter their doors.

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Tell us what matters most.

Technology has the power to get your restaurants where they’re going. But getting there starts with a deeper understanding of your strategic objectives. Engage with any of the goals below and discover how technology can move the needle.

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Reimaging the way restaurants adopt and use technology.

At SICOM, we know that technology isn’t just an operational tool for your restaurants. Done right, technology is a powerful differentiator for your brand. But getting technology right requires solutions that are built with a real understanding of the restaurant environment and its unique needs. That’s where TheWorks comes in.

TheWorks is our Customer Experience Center, a fully functional restaurant that serves up everything but the food. It’s here that we come together with our clients to solve their most pressing strategic challenges. It’s here that the restaurant technologies of tomorrow are taking shape today.

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It takes a team that’s walked in your shoes.

We’re redefining the customer-vendor relationship by applying the brightest minds in restaurant technology to orchestrate excellence across your entire technology landscape. Our team will immerse themselves in your brand’s realities, then deliver the strategic expertise you need to unleash brand-wide data, increase business agility, and secure your competitive advantage.

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