UX Best Practices for Kiosks

Tips to Optimize Your Kiosk UX for Success

The wind is an invisible force that powers homes and businesses across the United States. While it can’t be seen, we depend on its power to generate more than 90,000 Mega Watt Hours of energy every year, making it the single largest source of renewable energy in the country.

In many ways, great user experience (UX) design is like the wind. Customers should never be able to see it at work, but only feel its presence by what it delivers to them—in the case of the restaurant or cafeteria kiosk: a fast, engaging, and repeatable path to exactly what they want to order.

Now that an estimated 40% of customers prefer to order online or via self-service digital interfaces, restaurants must deliver user experiences that empower guests to order quickly, easily, and exactly how and when they want. Follow these tips to ensure that your restaurant or food service management business is primed for UX success:

Stick to the Principle of Progressive Disclosure

Often referred to as Hick’s Law, the concept of progressive disclosure suggests that viewers must be gradually and logically primed to make increasingly complex decisions. When presented with too many choices at the start of an experience, users tend to take longer to make their selections. In terms of restaurant UX, the implications are simple: you can’t ask a customer to build their order all on one screen, and you certainly can’t ask if they want extra sour cream before they’ve chosen a taco. Restaurants must configure their self-order flow to naturally and efficiently guide guests through their menu options, in many cases mimicking the way ordering might happen in conversation.

Leverage Brand Customization

Your brand should dictate the look and feel of your restaurant’s user interface and UX. While your technology partner will no doubt have valuable insights into the optimal order flow, you’ll want to select a solution flexible enough to reflect your established visual branding. Doing so will reinforce valuable elements of your brand identity during every order experience. Creating an ordering process that is tailored to your style and voice is key to growing brand equity.

Ensure Omni-Channel Consistency

When it comes to establishing an engaging and effortless user experience, front of house self-service kiosks lead the way. But kiosks aren’t the only channel with which today’s guests engage. In fact, the same guest often regularly interacts with all of a brand’s digital channels. That’s why from kiosks, to mobile interfaces, drive thru kiosks, and tablets, all of your ordering channels should reflect the same approach to UI and UX so that guests can build muscle memory. A great user experience is one that delivers a familiar ordering process via any channel, whether a guest is in your restaurant, at home, or in the car. By extending your kiosk UX into a true omni-channel experience that can be delivered via any avenue of your customer’s choosing, you can set guests’ expectations, speed their time to order, reduce menu confusion, and eliminate potential frustrations. Keep in mind, too, that customers who order digitally tend to spend more. With an omni-channel UX, your restaurant can tap into opportunities to strategically up-sell and cross-sell via every channel.

Remember: The Simpler, The Better.

Ultimately, when it comes to powering an effortless and engaging self-order UX, simplicity is the name of the game. A complex ordering experience can leave customers feeling overwhelmed and under-satisfied—a recipe for disaster. Instead, your restaurant UX should empower customers to quickly make the menu choices they desire while unobtrusively introducing them to new, relevant options along the way.

Optimize Your Kiosk UX with SICOM

A significant amount of work goes into crafting a best-in-class kiosk UX—work that guests should never be able to detect. Deliver optimized order experiences with SICOM’s Experience Engineers, who will work closely with your restaurant to accomplish your strategic goals and empower your guests to find just what they’re looking for. Bringing together the brightest minds in UX and interface design, SICOM partners with our customers to establish exceptional user experiences that span all of our Encounter Omni-Channel Point of Sale solutions and build lasting loyalty.

Contact our team to learn how SICOM puts in the effort to make your UX truly effortless.

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Tammie Bryant
October 29, 2018

As User Experience Manager at SICOM, Tammie leads our efforts to deliver intuitive and memorable guest experiences. With extensive experience in user design, Tammie lends her fresh perspective to enhance the user experiences of our customers across a myriad of digital channels.

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