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Posted by SICOM | October 13, 2017



How do you say “double cheeseburger” in Finland? How do you process credit cards in Italy? How do you handle cash and credit transactions, manage food safety, and drive supply chain logistics for major global brands in 40+ countries around the world?

That’s what we do.

At SICOM Systems, we provide core hardware and software systems for thousands of quick service and fast casual restaurants around the world–and we’re growing. If you’re studying computer science or computer engineering, we have opportunities for internships and opportunities for full-time employment. We work on embedded systems, web applications, systems integration, and cutting edge networking technology. We work with Linux, Mono, and the .Net Framework; we work with C, C#, the .Net Framework, and the complete LAMP stack.

The work we do impacts tens of thousands of end users in countries around the world. In the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Australia–and dozens more.

Do you have game? If you’re interested in full-time employment after graduation, or a (paid!) internship during your undergraduate program, get in touch right here.