Tim Hortons Franchisee Counts on Point of Sale Solution Powered By SICOM

  • Mar Investments has operated Tim Hortons restaurants for 30+ years.
  • They have used the same point of sale solution from the very beginning.
  • As they expand, they value their relationship with their point of sale team.    

Marlene Van De Wiel is a second-generation Tim Hortons franchisee. Her dad opened his first Tim Hortons restaurants more than 30 years ago, and Marlene and her husband moved back to take over the family business when her dad wanted to slow down.

As Mar Investments, Marlene and her husband recently opened their fifth Tim Hortons restaurant and have plans to open another one before Christmas. With this expansion and change, Van De Wiel decided that one thing didn’t need to change: their point of sale system.

Reliable and Easy to Use

Mar Investments has relied on FingerPrints Point of Sale, powered by SICOM, from the very beginning. “We’ve always used it,” said Van De Wiel. “We feel that the overall value is pretty good.”

In an industry with high turnover, an intuitive interface is a critical piece of a successful QSR point of sale, and the FingerPrints Point of Sale features clear menu design that can be learned in a single shift. “It’s user-friendly,” said Van De Wiel, “and easy to learn when we need to teach people.”

Integrates with Everything

In an increasingly connected restaurant environment, integrations are king. “Having a company that adapts and integrates with the different technologies that enter this business is really important,” said Van De Wiel.

For Van De Wiel and her team, a point of sale system that works well with their restaurant management system and their video-based loss prevention system is critical.

“The system has been very adaptable to other technologies, and the technicians are willing and able to work with those other technology companies to ensure we get the best possible product in the end.”

No Time for Downtime

For QSRs, no system is more critical for daily operations than the point of sale. “Without a POS system, you can’t function,” said Van De Wiel. Whenever Mar Investments has encountered any issues, they are resolved quickly. “We’ve had no problems getting service for the hardware or software.”

Van De Wiel also enjoys a decades-long relationship with the point of sale teams. “We have really great relationships with the sales and service teams,” she said. “The sales department is excellent, and every time we call the technician he picks up the phone.”

“We’ve been dealing with the same account manager, Rick Morden, since we started. He’s so positive and on top of everything.”

A Commitment to Service

In the end, Van De Wiel appreciates quality service due to her own strong commitment to serving her guests. Before moving back to take over the restaurants from her dad, Van De Wiel worked for more than a decade as a nurse.

With several stores located in the inner city, Van De Wiel seeks to serve her guests however she can. “I laugh with my friends because I think I do more public health now than I did before.”

Ready for an Upgrade?

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