How to Select a Technology Provider for the Whole QSR Ecosystem

A Closer Look At Each Stakeholder's Technology Needs

The quick service environment includes multiple stakeholders, each with its own distinct challenges and goals. From the brand, to the franchise owner and restaurant manager, each constituent must be fully understood, engaged, and empowered. The mark of a valuable restaurant technology partner is the ability to stand in each stakeholder’s shoes in order to address the QSR ecosystem’s needs as a whole.

Let’s take a look at the specific technology needs of the QSR sector’s three major stakeholders:

Global Brand Executives

Executive leaders for global brands oversee a complex, international business in an intense competitive landscape.

With tremendous amounts of data generated from thousands of restaurant locations, large, global brands need a partner that offers solutions to manage this data effectively across all locations and provide access to information in real-time—enabling leaders to make data-driven decisions.

Global brand executives also strive to establish uniformity and consistency by ensuring that brand standards are upheld across all restaurants in all countries. Additionally, global brands must meet a myriad of diverse international regulations while still delivering product offerings that match the unique tastes of consumers in each region they serve.

For global brand executives, QSR technology must be extensible enough to serve every franchise, flexible enough to serve every market, and intelligent enough to unleash powerful data that can be used to drive the brand forward.

Franchise Owners and Operators

Owners and operators of multi-unit franchises manage operations across numerous restaurant locations at a time.

Franchise owners can manage just a few restaurants or hundreds of locations and are familiar with the unique challenges affiliated with overseeing the many moving parts of each of their restaurants. For the franchise owner, a restaurant technology partner must be able to address these complexities within each individual restaurant, as well as holistically, across all locations.

Franchisees also need full access to data from each of their locations at all times to ensure that this information can be translated into actionable decisions. Most importantly, this information must be always available and digestible to accommodate the franchisee’s hectic daily demands.

Franchisees also need a clear way to share insights with brand leaders and restaurant managers to demonstrate results and capitalize on opportunities that promote growth and profitability.

For franchisees, QSR technology must provide centralized access, control, and insights for any and all restaurants—while still being simple and intuitive enough to save busy franchisees time and money.

Restaurant Managers

Restaurant managers oversee the daily activities of an individual QSR while also motivating an entire workforce to deliver high-quality food and service to customers.

In addition to accomplishing daily tasks, managers must meet the objectives established by their franchise owners, as well as the requirements of global brands. Restaurant managers need a technology partner that can provide practical solutions that achieve franchise and global brand goals while empowering employees to go above expectations.

Managers are on the front lines of their operations, and therefore must receive dependable, 24/7 support from their technology partner to avoid any costly workflow interruptions.

In addition, managers benefit from streamlining various routine tasks, such as inventory management and labor scheduling, to save resources and allow for more time engaging with customers.

Access to information from all parts of their restaurant is also critical for the manager to understand areas of strengths and weaknesses and identify ways to improve.

For restaurant managers, QSR technology must be informed by a real, front-line understanding of the QSR environment. It must deliver intuitive, practical functionality that enhances the speed and efficiency of in-restaurant practices. Finally, it must be well-supported.

Selecting a Technology Partner that Understands What Brands, Franchisees, and Managers Need

Navigating the numerous goals of brands, franchisees, and managers is a complex feat that can only be achieved through a focused understanding of the quick service sector and its unique needs.

The right QSR technology partner should comprehensively address the needs of all three stakeholders to transform the restaurant and support each of its members. This is a powerful win-win-win where all stakeholders are empowered to improve engagement, efficiency, and profitability.

With 30 years of expertise in the QSR environment, SICOM provides a complete suite of end-to-end technology solutions and services that empower global brands, franchisees, and restaurant managers to transform their businesses.

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August 25, 2017

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