Taking Experience Seriously: Why We Built a Fully Functional QSR in Our Own Office

Here Are Some of the Ways We Are Putting TheWorks to Work for You

Pens don’t work in space. At first, this doesn’t seem like a problem worth solving, right? After all, why not use a pencil? That’s what the astronauts did—that is, until the graphite points began to break. These floating pencil tips may sound like a minor inconvenience, but once they find their way into machinery, they become a major safety hazard. And so, Paul C. Fisher had to invent an alternative—the Fisher Space Pen, a writing utensil created to work in zero gravity.

What do space pens and restaurant technologies have in common? In both cases, it’s easy to believe you’ve thought of everything, right up until the moment your in-field experience reminds you that you haven’t.

At SICOM, we’re committed to delivering the solutions quick service restaurants need to thrive, but doing so requires us to truly understand the QSR experience. In order to provide great technologies, we must fully immerse ourselves in the realities of the QSR environment—and walk in the shoes of the guests and crew members we serve. And so, TheWorks was born.

As you may know, we made the move to a new corporate headquarters in December. The new space gave us room to expand our team, better serve our customers, and facilitate greater collaboration and innovation. And what’s more innovative than building a QSR in your very own office?

With a name that captures our end-to-end solutions, TheWorks is a category-independent connected restaurant situated right in the heart of our corporate headquarters. But don’t expect to find any food at TheWorks. All we’re serving up is a suite of best-in-class solutions and a wealth of real-time data.

You might be wondering: what does a QSR in SICOM’s office do besides look really cool? Here are some of the ways we are putting TheWorks to work for you:

1. Stepping into the Shoes of Guests and Crew Members

Running QSRs is tough work. Guests are looking for high-quality, fast service, all at a fraction of the cost of other restaurants. At the same time, crew members are working to fulfill a seemingly endless sea of orders from the front counter and the drive thru as accurately and quickly as possible. At SICOM, we are dedicated to understanding the view from in front of and behind the counter.

TheWorks helps us experience our technologies from your point of view. How does entering a menu update on the SICOM Portal translate to a customer’s view of Digital Signage? How is suggestive selling likely to impact a guest purchase? At TheWorks, we’re working to optimize QSR experiences by experiencing them for ourselves, and always asking: “how can we make it better?”

2. Demonstrating the Power of Integration Firsthand

Data makes the QSR go ‘round. But all too often, QSR technologies operate in silos, confined to their respective areas of the restaurant. While these solutions may prove functional in isolation, they limit their potential to drive ROI by acting alone.

At TheWorks, you can see SICOM’s suite of integrated technologies breaking down silos firsthand, eliminating data redundancy and improving operational efficiency. For example, do you know how many (virtual) burgers TheWorks should prep for the day’s rush? Chef Kitchen Management does. Watch as it analyzes historical data from the Point of Sale in order to provide the most intelligent and accurate recommendation possible. Integrations like this differentiate a restaurant that is merely using technology from a restaurant that is harnessing technology to fuel sustained growth.

3. Collaborating on the Solutions of the Future

Over time, technology’s role in the QSR has shifted from merely functional to powerfully strategic. Yet as QSRs focus on addressing their pressing strategic objectives, the solutions to advance these goals often seem just out of reach. Until now.

TheWorks offers a collaborative space for SICOM to meet with your team to discover, listen, collaborate, and create the technologies of tomorrow, today. Our fully connected restaurant environment brings together the best of available technologies to act as a launching point for discovering and developing new functionality and solutions. By working together, we can discuss your vision for the future and how technology can help make that vision a reality.

4. Creating an Active Test Environment

When it comes to any technology, the initial vision must match the ultimate reality of each solution’s viability, practicality, and value in its intended environment. Restaurant technology is no different. At SICOM, we’re committed to delivering technologies that are not only innovative, but also practical, reliable, and affordable for the restaurants we serve.

In TheWorks, we put our new and in-development technologies to the test before they hit the market. More importantly, TheWorks can be tailored for your specific operations, which enables us to demonstrate our solutions in your existing brand ecosystem to show exactly how they can transform your operation. This provides the ultimate peace of mind in your new deployment by ensuring technology remains an area of differentiation, not experimentation, for your restaurants.

Let’s Dig In

We can’t wait until you experience TheWorks for yourself. Join us in our Customer Experience Center to feast your eyes on our transformative suite of solutions and discuss how SICOM can drive your business forward.


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Lee Pearson
March 2, 2018

Lee works on the front-lines to empower quick service, fast casual, and food service communities to strategically apply and harness technology innovation in a way that achieves their strategic goals and objectives.

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