Testimonials We love our customers.
Our customers love us.

Learn why leading quick service, fast casual, food service, and convenience brands call SICOM their strategic technology partner of choice.

“SICOM has delivered on all of their promises. Their culture has proven to be very customer focused from the installation process to their daily support.”
Greg Winans, U.S. Restaurants | Burger King

“We instantly fell in love with the software. Our return on investment has been incredible.”
Doug Rich, Bodan Aksan IA, LLC | Wendy's

"We looked at all of the POS providers we were familiar with, and many of them said they could do [what we needed]. Most of them couldn't even do pictures, and we were about ready to scrap the idea, until we came up with [SICOM]. And we were like, "Wow, you can do this, you can do this, and you do it all in-house?""
Steve Leach, Co-Owner Fresh Take Kitchen

"I have been very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of (SICOM’s) install technicians. I am also very pleased with SICOM’s can do attitude in changing out our systems in such a timely manner."
Gary Moore, HB Boys, L.C. | Burger King

“I selected SICOM based on SICOM’s online support and affordable installed price. The feature that really turned my head was SICOM’s program to build customer loyalty. SICOM’s solution increased my company’s average sales and total sales.”
Dave McDermott, HOL-MC, Inc. | Arby’s

“I can’t say enough good things about the support desk. It’s just unbelievable.”
Craig Leonard, Mission Foods, LLC | Checkers/Rally’s

"We were lucky enough to come across [SICOM]. They were super friendly, super helpful staff. Very hands on... We have tech support whenever we need it. They're very responsive as far as getting any needs met that we might have."
Jamar White, Founder CEO, Buffalo Boss, Organic Wings & Things

“Chef Kitchen Management provides us with a tool to guide crew members on how much to cook and when, and what to discard and when. It helps us deliver quality products and ensures fast speed of service to the window.”
Nicole Dreier, KRAF | Burger King

“The training and support staff are second to none.”
Patrick D'Agosto, Panda, Inc. | Arby’s