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Their Experience Matters,
and So Does Yours.

The quality of your support is as critical as the quality of your solutions. From restaurant technology training to installation, maintenance, and ongoing support, today’s restaurants require a different kind of technology partner—one that understands the rigorous requirements of the restaurant environment and is responsive enough to meet them.

That’s why at SICOM, we take service to the next level with SICOMSERV, our specialized, in-house support organization. As the most responsive restaurant technology customer service team, SICOMSERV delivers the scalable services, around-the-clock support, and extensive expertise that today’s top restaurant brands require.

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We elevate the restaurant technology customer service experience.

Restaurant Industry

Born-and-Bred in the Restaurant Industry.

Founded to serve the demands of quick service restaurants, fast casuals, food service providers, and convenience stores, our implementation specialists and skilled support agents possess deep industry knowledge that results in richer insights and greater responsiveness.


Known for Our Agility.

The restaurant industry moves fast, so your restaurants must move faster. We are committed to keeping our customers ahead of the technology curve, and deliver the high-agility services you need to carry out large scale rollouts with ease.


Answers, Right When You Need Them.

With more than 250 expert support agents working around-the-clock to service our clients, SICOMSERV is available at a moment’s notice. We deliver our support via voice, SMS, live agent web chat, or web-to-case, empowering you to reach our agents at any time through your channel of choice.

world class

World-Class Services and Support.

At SICOM, we serve some of the world’s largest restaurant communities. Whether your restaurant is a rising star or a large, global giant, our SICOMSERV team is capable of delivering exemplary service.

Key Features

  • Supporting 30,000+ restaurants across 62+ countries
  • Average Speed of Answer in Under 50 Seconds
  • Support via Voice, SMS, Live Agent Web Chat, or Web-to-Case
  • Intelligent Call Routing & Escalation
  • Employing Best-in-Class Support Technologies
  • Remote Diagnosis & Troubleshooting
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating of 4.8/5
  • 80% First Call Resolution

A Closer Look at SICOMSERV

Our services and support are trusted by the world’s largest franchise communities, and are integral to maximizing your return on your technology investment.

SICOMSERV™ Manufacturing

Our dedicated manufacturing team ensures solutions are configured to your unique specifications and integrations, and ready to perform the moment they arrive at your restaurant.

SICOMSERV™ Implementation

Our skilled implementation experts are capable of deploying large-scale technology rollouts with ease—regardless of the number of restaurants you operate or the geographical spread between them.


Solutions are only useful if your team knows how to use them. We offer in-person restaurant technology training via SICOM University, our on-premise training facility, or virtual, on-demand training through our flexible V-Learning options.


In the fast-paced restaurant environment, you can’t afford a lag in performance. Our best-in-class support team is available 24/7/365 through multiple convenient channels to provide you and your team ready answers right when you need them.

“SICOM has delivered on all of their promises. Their culture has proven to be very customer focused from the installation process to their daily support.”

Greg Winans, U.S. Restaurants



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Featured Expert

“The fast-paced restaurant environment requires more than great technologies to excel. It requires a partner that understands the requirements, is committed to satisfying them, and has the agility required to keep your business ahead. At SICOM, our philosophy is that delivering world-class service is as important as delivering world-class solutions.”

Scott Meyer, Senior Vice President, Operations

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