SEMS4 Restaurant Management

SEMS4™ Restaurant Management One solution for comprehensive
restaurant management.

sicom restaurant management

Three Pillars, One Portal.

SICOM Restaurant Management delivers best-of-breed labor, sales, and inventory management functionality from a single, data-driven console. As a result, you can intuitively and effortlessly manage all of your restaurant locations, at all times.

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Labor Management

Take the labor out of labor management.

Demand-Driven Staffing Requirements
Accurately predict staffing requirements via dynamic restaurant scheduling software that’s rooted in your business’s demand.

Simple, Interactive Scheduling
Intuitively create employee schedules in a matter of minutes.

Automated Approvals & Submissions
Dynamically manage submissions, approvals and time swaps across all locations.

Real-time Performance Metrics
Make proactive decisions using real-time metrics on attendance, productivity, and spending.

restaurant labor management screen

Inventory Management

Optimize inventory. Manage costs.

Usage-Driven Inventory Optimization
Accurately predict inventory needs based on usage across each of your restaurants.

End-to-End Inventory Control
Dynamically manage the entire inventory process—from transfers to ordering, receiving and waste procedures.

Cross-Distributor Communication
Interface with all of your distributors and automatically update standard cost.

Real-time Usage & Food Cost Management
Measure usage across locations and access food cost metrics in real-time.

restaurant sales management screen

Implementation Enjoy a seamless transition.

We specialize in helping restaurants like yours make a successful transition to your new restaurant management software. Our Implementation Consultants are a team of dedicated experts with the perfect blend of technology know-how and restaurant management experience.

For implementation, you’ll receive:

  • Your own dedicated Implementation Consultant.
  • Flexible online-based training.
  • The support of a team with more than 100 years of combined restaurant level experience.

Sales Management

Leverage restaurant predictive analytics for improved profitability.

Real-time Sales Insights
Access critical sales and cost data in real-time across locations.

Automated Alerts & Thresholds
Automate flags and alerts based on your customized business rules.

Meaningful Metrics & Analytics
Tap into meaningful metrics and KPIs on sales, costs, and discounts.

Proactive Problem Isolation & Resolution
Isolate data by restaurant, product or category to more proactively address issues.

restaurant inventory management screen

Mobile SolutionsRestaurant Management Mobile Solution

Manage your restaurant performance from anywhere with the Restaurant Management mobile solution. You gain instant access to dashboards, reports, and rankings with sales, cash, labor, and speed of service data—for one or all of your restaurants. And you can drill-through to the details you need to isolate and fix issues.

Employee Schedules Mobile App

Ensure your team is fully informed with the Employee Schedules mobile app. Your employees can access their schedules and work history, request time off, submit availability, swap shifts, and receive notifications when schedules are added or changed. 

sicom mobile apps

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