RTIofficeComprehensive financial software for quick service restaurant operators.


Comprehensive. Intuitive. Scalable.

Purpose-built for multi-unit QSR operations, RTIoffice is the most comprehensive financial software solution on the market. From accounting, to payroll and healthcare compliance, RTIoffice delivers a range of high-utility features to streamline financial processes and increase profitability.


Automate accounting operations.

Intuitive Accounts Payable
Simplify cash management, forecast future cash needs and save money by taking advantage of payment terms and discounts.

Simplified Banking
Automatically transfer RTI Accounts Payable and Payroll into banking and access reports on any combination of outstanding, cleared or voided checks.

Electronic Invoicing
Electronically collect invoices from your major vendor and transfer them into your Accounts Payable system.

Quick Financial Statements and Budgets
View long-range historical balances to get a broad view of your businesses’ financial health and produce financial statements in half the time.

Daily Store Reporting
Track daily sales data from all of your locations and create reports for trend analysis, year-to-year comparison, store consolidation and more.

rti accounting


Eliminate expensive payroll service fees.

Integrated Payroll
Flexibly pay your employees through paychecks, direct deposit and pay cards and save money without relying on an outside payroll service.

Efficient Timekeeping
Avoid costly labor law violations and keep track of employee tardiness, extended breaks and overtime.

Human Resources
Track employee benefits for insurance, vacation and sick/personal time in one database as part of the payroll solution.

Follow an intuitive, streamlined process to ensure all healthcare compliance requirements are met.

Point of Sale Integration
Receive the most up-to-date POS data and automate data entry including cash receipts, hourly sales, product mix and payroll.

rti payroll


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