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SICOM for Franchisees Best-of-breed technology solutions
for restaurant owners and operators.

As a multi-unit restaurant operator, you’re challenged to maximize efficiency and profitability across each of your locations while empowering crew members and continuously improving the guest experience. Technology has the ability to help you achieve these multi-faceted goals, but getting there requires an integrated, end-to-end solution.

SICOM supports multi-unit quick service and fast casual franchisees in more efficiently and effectively managing their many locations through the power of end-to-end technology solutions.

improve visibility and control

Improve visibility and control.

SICOM enables multi-location franchise owners to achieve unified access and control over all of their restaurants’ most critical functions. Using SICOM, franchisees can systematically view and manage all of their locations from wherever they are.

innovate while meeting daily demands

Innovate while meeting daily demands.

SICOM’s purpose-built solutions lead the market in innovation and practicality. With 30 years of serving the quick service and fast casual sectors, we understand the day-to-day realities you face and are committed to delivering intuitive and affordable technologies that address them.

empower restaurant managers

Empower restaurant managers.

Through SICOM’s intuitive end-to-end technologies, franchisees can empower individual restaurant managers to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of their locations.

make more proactive decisions

Make more proactive decisions.

SICOM unleashes real-time, actionable data from across all of your restaurant locations to support you in proactively identifying opportunities for engagement, maximizing accountability and making data-driven decisions.

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