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Connected Kitchen Display


Expediting Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment.

As the epicenter of speed and accuracy inside the restaurant, the kitchen is charged with prioritizing and fulfilling orders from a variety of on-premise and off-premise channels. In today’s omni-channel reality, mastering the science of order fulfillment is more complex than ever.

SICOM Expeditor™ Connected Kitchen Display empowers kitchen crews to accelerate omni-channel order fulfillment through visual order notifications, real-time prioritization, and intuitive alerts that make speedy and accurate service an easy order to fill.

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expeditor connected kitchen display

Kitchen screens that drive faster, more accurate order fulfillment.

visual cues

Visual Cues, Faster Service.

Fulfilling every order quickly and accurately is a complex feat—even before a customer modifies an item. SICOM Expeditor assists kitchen crew via intuitive kitchen order display screens that leverage real-time color-coded notifications that make it easier to interpret order entries, modifications, and deletions.

clear as day

Kitchen Order Displays as Clear as Day.

Clearly translating orders from various channels to the kitchen is critical to ensuring accuracy and accelerating speed. Intuitive and highly legible, SICOM Expeditor clearly displays up to six orders at once, with up to 18 characters per order item.

omni channel prioritization

Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment.

Just because an item was ordered first doesn’t mean it should be fulfilled first. SICOM Expeditor masters the science of cross-channel prioritization by ensuring that kitchen crews fulfill the right order at precisely the right time.

integrated kitchen directives

Integrated Kitchen Directives.

In order to fill orders efficiently, the kitchen must be prepared with the right food items to get the job done. SICOM Expeditor provides ready access to directives from SICOM Chef™ Kitchen Management to ensure preparation and cooking processes are tightly aligned with demand.

speed updates

Cross-Restaurant Speed Updates.

Speed of service should be a top of mind priority for all of your kitchen crew, across all of your restaurants. SICOM Expeditor integrates with the SICOM Drive-Thru Director™ Rack-N-Stack™ leaderboard to inform kitchen crew where their restaurant stands and drive speedier service.


Support, Right
When You Need It.

The quality of your support is as important as the quality of your solution. That’s why our SICOMSERV support group works around the clock to provide responsive, multi-channel access to the answers you need—right when you need them.

Key Features

  • Color-Coded Order Modifications for Improved Accuracy
  • Character Set Optimized for Multi-Lingual Use
  • Intuitive Kitchen Screen Layout that Displays Six Orders & 18 Characters
  • Proactive Crew Alerts after Two Minutes of Inactivity
  • Integration with SICOM Drive-Thru Director™ & SICOM Chef™
  • Responsive, Around-the-Clock Support from SICOMSERV


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SICOM Expeditor Connected Kitchen Display

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“The kitchen is a fast-paced environment, where a single incorrect order can radically impact guest satisfaction and set crew members behind for the rest of the day. At SICOM, we’re committed to making speed and accuracy an easy order to fill.”

Jennifer Doan, Director, Product Management

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