SICOM Encounter™ Tablet

Encounter™ Tablet


Busting Busy Lines, One Restaurant Tablet at a Time.

In the high-traffic drive thru lane, one long or complex order can transform your drive thru from an efficient speedway to a 10 car pile-up.

Designed specifically for proactive line busting, SICOM Encounter™ Tablet enables crew members to mobilize the point of sale on-demand, delivering a consistent and engaging experience on-the-go to keep your drive thru moving.

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encounter tablet

The Value.

reduce wait times

Reduced Wait Times.

Serve guests in line faster via a mobile point of sale that meets them right where they are, and records their orders as promptly as possible.

grow sales

Increased Sales.

Increase ticket averages by serving guests when they are most receptive to add-ons, and recommending the right item through suggestive selling functionality.

optimize crew

Optimized Use of Crew Cycles.

Put idle hands to work by equipping crew members with intuitive restaurant tablets for line busting, making the best possible use of employee time.

provide nutritional clarity

Proactive Order Preparation.

Accelerate and improve kitchen throughput by preparing multiple orders in the line, ensuring food items are ready when guests reach the window.

elevate satisfaction

Achieve Complete Continuity and Control.

Achieve complete continuity and control across all of your crew- and customer-facing channels with Encounter™ Omni-Channel Point of Sale.

An Encounter for Every Experience

We deliver SICOM Encounter across a myriad of channels and platforms to empower you and your guests.

encounter drive thru terminal

Encounter™ Drive-Thru

Self-order kiosk, meet drive thru. SICOM Encounter Drive-Thru introduces intuitive, self-ordering to the drive thru lane, and is proven to increase sales by 15-20%.

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encounter kiosk

Encounter™ Kiosk

Built to empower and engage today’s customers, SICOM Encounter™ Kiosk combines a best-in-class user experience with contextual selling to increase revenue through self-order transactions.

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encounter mobile

Encounter™ Mobile

SICOM Encounter Mobile brings outstanding guest experiences to off-premise ordering—allowing guests to order the items they want from wherever they are.

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“We found SICOM’s [point of sale] had the features we were looking for at a price that couldn’t be beat. The transition to the new system was painless. Our managers and order takers were able to learn the system quickly.”

Greg Workman, HKM II, LLC I Burger King


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SICOM Encounter Tablet: Busting Busy Lines, One Guest at a Time

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