SICOM Encounter™ Mobile

Encounter™ Mobile


Optimizing Off-Premise Self-Order Experiences.

Today’s guests are always on the move. Whether they chose to order and eat in the restaurant, take food to go, or have it delivered at home, one thing is for sure: today’s busy guests want their meals ready immediately—without the wait.

Focused on bringing outstanding guest experiences to off-premise ordering, SICOM Encounter™ Mobile is a mobile point of sale solution that ensures guests can intuitively order the items they want from wherever they are, whenever they want.

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The Value.

accelerate service

Accelerate Speed of Service.

Meet guests where they are via a mobile point of sale option that empowers them to order on-the-go, minimizing wait times and accelerating speed of service.

cross channel engagement

Deliver on Cross-Channel Engagement.

Serve up the same great experience regardless of channel through a fully responsive design and intuitive restaurant ordering software that delivers on cross-channel consistency.

content management

Intelligent Order Prioritization.

Integrate with your middle of house solutions to serve guests based on when they will arrive, so their orders are fresh and ready the moment they are.

maximize flexibility

Elevate Flexibility and Consistency.

Dynamically control and deploy menu updates across all of your locations though SICOM Menu Maintenance—regardless of channel, place, and time.

elevate satisfaction

Complete Continuity and Control.

Achieve complete continuity and control across all of your crew- and customer-facing channels with Encounter™ Omni-Channel Point of Sale.

An Encounter for Every Experience

We deliver SICOM Encounter across a myriad of channels and platforms to empower you and your guests.

encounter kiosk

Encounter™ Kiosk

Built to empower and engage today’s customers, SICOM Encounter™ Kiosk combines a best-in-class user experience with contextual selling to increase revenue through self-order transactions.

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encounter drive thru terminal

Encounter™ Drive-Thru

Self-order kiosk, meet drive thru. SICOM Encounter Drive-Thru introduces intuitive, self-ordering to the drive thru lane, and is proven to increase sales by 15-20%.

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encounter tablet

Encounter™ Tablet

Designed for proactive line-busting, SICOM Encounter Tablet enables crew members to mobilize the point of sale on-the-go to improve speed of service.

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“If you can place an order on a kiosk, you can place an order online. [The SICOM Encounter interface] looks the same [across channels], which was something that was very important to me and my partner when we were looking through all these POS providers and getting very frustrated.”

Steve Leach, Fresh Take Kitchen


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SICOM Encounter Mobile: Optimizing Off-Premise Experiences

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