SICOM Encounter™ Kiosk

Encounter™ Kiosk


Empowering Guest-Driven Ordering Experiences.

As today’s guests seek out more than great food and rapid service, restaurants are tasked with providing guests greater control and convenience without compromising on experience or sales.

SICOM Encounter™ Kiosk brings new usability and value to the self-order experience, empowering restaurants to embrace guest-driven ordering without compromise.

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The Value

engage guests

Engaged, Empowered Guests.

Place the power in guests’ hands via an intuitive, self-ordering kiosk experience that will improve satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

accelerate service

Faster Speed of Service.

Accelerate speed of service by empowering guests with self-service options, ultimately reducing wait times and traffic at your front counter.

grow sales

Increased Sales.

Increase ticket averages through a restaurant kiosk equipped with strategic suggestive selling functionality that’s based on items ordered, day-part, seasonality, and location.

lower operational costs

Lower Operational Costs.

Mitigate labor costs by empowering guests to process their own orders, particularly during lulls in restaurant traffic.

elevate satisfaction

Complete Continuity and Control.

Achieve complete continuity and control across all of your crew- and customer-facing channels with Encounter™ Omni-Channel Point of Sale.

An Encounter for Every Experience

We deliver SICOM Encounter across a myriad of channels and platforms to empower you and your guests.

encounter drive thru terminal

Encounter™ Drive-Thru

Self-order kiosk, meet drive thru. SICOM Encounter Drive-Thru introduces intuitive, self-ordering to the drive thru lane, and is proven to increase sales by 15-20%.

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encounter tablet

Encounter™ Tablet

Designed for proactive line-busting, SICOM Encounter Tablet enables crew members to mobilize the point of sale on-the-go to improve speed of service.

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encounter mobile

Encounter™ Mobile

SICOM Encounter Mobile brings outstanding guest experiences to off-premise ordering—allowing guests to order the items they want from wherever they are.

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“We wanted our students and faculty to be able to place their orders faster, get the food they want and have it be as fresh as possible….the students love the [SICOM Encounter Kiosk]. They are enjoying the flexibility and the ease of use.”

Robert Lemon, Fairmont State Retail Sales Manager


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SICOM Encounter Kiosk: Empowering Your Customers

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