SICOM Encounter™ Drive-Thru

Encounter™ Drive-Thru


Bringing Intuitive Drive Thru Kiosks to the Great Outdoors.

Today’s customers are increasingly drawn to self-service. Too often, however, restaurant kiosks are limited to the indoor restaurant experience, leaving those in the drive thru lane wanting for more.

Designed for busy drive thru lanes, SICOM Encounter™ Drive-Thru is an intuitive outdoor kiosk that unleashes the power of self-order outside your restaurant’s doors, effectively eliminating miscommunications, accelerating service, and growing sales for drive thru orders.

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encounter drive-thru

The Value.

accelerate service

Accelerate Service.

Maximize the rush and serve more guests in less time. Customers using Past Order Recall can order and pay in under five seconds, leading to speedier service and greater throughput.

grow sales

Grow Sales.

Increase ticket averages by serving guests when they are most receptive to add-ons, and recommending the right item through suggestive selling functionality.

elevate satisfaction

Elevate Satisfaction.

Improve guest satisfaction by empowering guests to take their own orders via an intuitive outdoor kiosk—resulting in fewer order miscommunications and greater accuracy.


Achieve Continuity and Control.

Achieve complete continuity and control across all of your crew- and customer-facing channels with Encounter™ Omni-Channel Point of Sale.

An Encounter for Every Experience

We deliver SICOM Encounter across a myriad of channels and platforms to empower you and your guests.

encounter kiosk

Encounter™ Kiosk

Built to empower and engage today’s customers, SICOM Encounter™ Kiosk combines a best-in-class user experience with contextual selling to increase revenue through self-order transactions.

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encounter tablet

Encounter™ Tablet

Designed for proactive line-busting, SICOM Encounter™ Tablet enables crew members to mobilize the point of sale on-the-go to improve speed of service.

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encounter mobile

Encounter™ Mobile

SICOM Encounter Mobile brings outstanding guest experiences to off-premise ordering—allowing guests to order the items they want from wherever they are.

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“The only way to do drive thru today is with [SICOM Encounter Drive-Thru]. Previously, we had to have a dedicated employee asking and answering 50 questions about each sandwich. It was a slow, inaccurate and very costly means of taking orders. Our customers love the new system.”

Rob Woodward, SUBWAY®


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SICOM Encounter Drive-Thru: Bringing Self-Order to the Great Outdoors

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