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Omni-Channel Point of Sale


It’s More Than a Transaction. It’s an Encounter.

In today’s omni-channel, customer-centered reality, point of sale isn’t just point of sale. In addition to facilitating speedy and accurate transactions, a restaurant’s point of sale solution must be capable of making data-driven customer connections in a highly scalable way.

SICOM Encounter Omni-Channel Point of Sale delivers restaurants the ease of use they need to continually raise the bar for speed of service, with the cross-channel flexibility required to set new standards for guest experience and engagement.

encounter omnichannel point of sale

A point of sale platform that powers omni-channel success.


All Parts Intuitive.
All Parts Advanced.

SICOM Encounter is built on best-in-class usability standards, empowering users to onboard rapidly and input orders correctly. The solution pairs its intuitive interface with a suite of advanced features that prove restaurants don’t have to sacrifice usability and innovation.

many channels

Pick A Channel
Any Channel.

As new channels continue to join today’s omni-channel landscape, Encounter ensures a continuous user and guest experience across every interface in your ecosystem–tablet, kiosk, traditional terminal, mobile, loyalty, delivery and more.

many locations

Many Locations,
One Menu.

SICOM Encounter puts you in control of your menu across channels, places and time. The key is SICOM Menu Maintenance, which ensures menu continuity in today’s dynamic foodscape.


Embrace the Power
of Hybrid Cloud.

We empower companies to embrace the best of public and private environments by pairing secure and reliable on-premise software with agile, high-velocity off-premise data.

no limit

The Sky is the

Today’s restaurants are defined by their ability to make real-time insights meaningful and actionable. SICOM Encounter harnesses standardized, scalable insights to drive operational improvements across every part of your restaurant.

best support

The Best Support
in the Industry.

The quality of your support is as important as the quality of your solution. That’s why our SICOMSERV support group works around the clock to provide responsive, multi-channel access to the answers you need–right when you need them.

Key Features

  • Ruggedized Terminal with Closed Construction
  • Responsive, Round-the-Clock Support from SICOMSERV
  • Out-of-the-Box KPI Tracking
  • High-Security, Flexible Linux Operating System
  • Web-Based Menu Maintenance via the SICOM Portal
  • Intuitive, Training-Optional User Interface
  • Tablet and Kiosk Interfaces to Adapt to Demand Patterns
  • Open-API for Seamless Integration with Peripherals

A Closer Look at Encounter

We deliver the intuitive SICOM Encounter™ interface via several crew- and customer-facing channels to empower your restaurant to adapt to demand patterns in real-time and achieve market-dominating speed.

encounter point of sale

Encounter™ Point of Sale

Encounter™ Point of Sale pairs a ruggedized, closed construction with hybrid-cloud software that empowers crew to enter orders quickly while up-selling every step of the way.

encounter tablet

Encounter™ Tablet

Designed to accelerate speed of service by bringing the point of sale to customers in the line, Encounter™ Tablet delivers a consistent, intuitive experience on-the-go to keep your drive thru moving.

encounter kiosk

Encounter™ Kiosk

Built to engage today’s connected customers, Encounter™ Kiosk combines a best-in-class user experience with contextual cross-selling to increase sales through your customer-driven transactions.

Encounter™ Integration

Delivery. Mobile. Web-based ordering. Uber eats. Our open API works with all of today’s channels, while enabling you to quickly embrace and onboard the channels of tomorrow.

“As I grow my business, I’ll be partnering up with SICOM for the long run. The SICOM [Encounter Point of Sale] is absolutely critical. We can make better decisions and adjust things in order to maximize our profits. SICOM is a big part of our success.”

Marawan Raafat, Nile Foods, LLC



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Featured QSR Expert

“For today’s restaurants, the point of sale has evolved from a transactional tool to a hub of engagement and commerce that extends far beyond the front counter, into a variety of crew- and customer-facing channels. At SICOM, we view the point of sale as the heart of the connected restaurant.”

Aaron Miklosey, Product Manager

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