Drive-Thru Director Smart Speed of Service
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Drive-Thru Director
Smart Speed of Service


The Fast Track to Better Drive Thru Experiences.

The drive thru remains a mainstay of today’s quick service restaurants. With seven of every ten guests never stepping foot inside the restaurant’s doors, the modern-day drive thru must be able to process high volumes of traffic with outstanding speed and efficiency1.

SICOM Drive-Thru Director™ Smart Speed of Service empowers restaurants to transform speed of service into a key differentiator by equipping your outdoor lanes with a drive thru solution that harnesses the power of gamification, real-time data, and drive thru visualization to continually measure, monitor and manage speed of service times.

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drive-thru director smart speed of service

A drive thru timer that does far more than keep time.


Let’s Play A Game.

Drive-Thru Director harnesses the natural competitive spirit to influence behaviors in the restaurant. By gamifying cross-restaurant performance through its Rack-N-Stack™ leaderboard and friendly visual cues, Drive-Thru Director elevates location-wide speed of service.

shrinking the distance

Shrinking the Distance
between Guest and Crew.

We close the gap between drive thru guests and crew members through real-time visualization screens that provide live updates on drive thru status, allowing crew members to better engage with and serve guests.


Accurate Positional Data,
At All Times.

Drive-Thru Director collects positional data from a variety of sensors in your drive thru to provide an accurate understanding of traffic and speed of service at all times. Sensor-based inputs provide greater accuracy and utility than solutions that rely on transaction times alone.


Configured to Your
Unique Operation.

Each drive thru is unique. Drive-Thru Director can be readily configured to your drive thru’s unique window configurations, lane configurations, and processes.


Always Measuring,
Always Improving.

Raising the bar for speed requires that you know how you’re doing. Our drive thru solution continuously calculates KPIs like guest counts, menu times, speed of service, and personnel performance in real-time. These metrics are also delivered via the SICOM Portal via dynamic service reports.

best support

The Best Support
in the Industry.

The quality of your support is as important as the quality of your solution. That’s why our SICOMSERV support group works around the clock to provide responsive, multi-channel access to the answers you need–right when you need them.

Key Features

  • Real-time Visualization of Cars in the Drive Thru
  • Sensor-based Data Inputs for the Most Accurate Timing
  • Location-wide Gamification via Rack-N-Stack™
  • KPI Tracking, Calculated in Real Time
  • Web-Based Speed of Service Reports via the SICOM Portal
  • Responsive, Around-the-Clock Support from SICOMSERV

A Closer Look at SICOM Drive-Thru Director™

We go beyond the traditional functionality of a drive thru timer by harnessing real-time data to accelerate speed of service and elevate the drive thru experience.

drive-thru director rack-n-stack

Drive-Thru Director™ Rack-N-Stack™

SICOM Drive-Thru Director brings gamification to the drive thru with Rack-N-Stack™, a competitive tracking leaderboard that harnesses friendly competition to increase drive thru KPIs.

drive-thru director visualizer

Drive-Thru Director™ Visualizer

Designed to shrink the distance between crew and guests, SICOM Drive-Thru Director™ provides real-time visualizations to keep crew members aware of drive thru status so they can serve guests better.

“[SICOM Drive-Thru Director™ is] the best bang for our buck that we’ve ever done. It has resulted in huge improvements in our drive thru service times. It is phenomenal.”

Chris Baker, Union Burger Ltd.



Supercharge Your Drive Thru with Drive-Thru Director

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Putting the Fast Back in Fast Food

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Featured Expert

“At SICOM, we believe it takes more than a drive thru timer to drive speed of service improvements. It takes a drive thru solution that is powerful enough to motivate meaningful and measurable behavior changes in the restaurant environment. That’s what Drive-Thru Director does.”

Bob Doan, Senior Vice President

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