Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards Catch their eye with indoor and
outdoor digital signage solutions.

digital menu boards

Fast Casual and QSR Digital Signage Solutions, Reimagined.

SICOM Indoor and Outdoor Digital Menu Boards bring together the power of suggestive selling and the efficiency of seamless integration to transform the guest experience, improve the efficiency of content management, and grow your sales.

Dynamic Content Delivery

Master the science of relevance.

Vivid, Video-Based Graphics
Bring food items to life with vivid, high definition graphics and impressive video elements.

Increased Visual Real Estate
Rotate food items and limited time offers to increase promotional real estate in your restaurant.

Suggestive Selling
Tailor your fast casual or QSR’s digital menu board content by location, season and day-part to maximize sales.

Adaptive Content Delivery
Proactively adjust content to accommodate stock-outs and sell excess inventory.

dmb dynamic content delivery

Durability & Redundancy

100% up-time.

A New Drive-Thru Experience 
Transform your drive-thru with Outdoor Digital Menu Boards and enjoy seamless integration with approved POS systems. 

High-Durability Displays
Leverage SICOM’s high-durability outdoor displays, protected from natural elements.

Ensure that your fast casual or QSR’s digital menu board content continues playing, even when your Internet connection is out.

Responsive Repair & Maintenance
Leverage SICOM’s services for ongoing repair, maintenance, and support.

dmb durability and redundancy

White-Glove Content Management

We’ll handle it for you. 

Expert Content Managers
Rely on our content management team to ensure your content always looks exactly as your brand wants.

Your Content, Delivered
We format your content and deliver it to your restaurants with brand parameters for day-parts and promotions in place.

Hands-Off Signage Experience 
With our expert content teams, you don’t need your own technical and network teams to format, configure, and deliver your content.

Web-Based Portal
Adjust content and ensure accurate caloric information is displayed across locations with a web-based portal, tailored to your brand’s unique requirements, user permissions, and restaurant hierarchies.

dmb dynamic content management

Digital Menu Board Health MonitorMeasure. Monitor. Manage.

Through SICOM’s fast casual and QSR Digital Menu Board Health Monitor, franchisees can seamlessly track content updates and maximize accountability across all restaurant locations.

dmb health monitor

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