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Kitchen Management


Coordinating and Optimizing the Restaurant of Things.

The modern-day restaurant kitchen is a dynamic Internet of Things (IoT), including fryers, broilers, freezers, refrigerators, holding units, and more. With the majority of customer wait times spent on kitchens preparing food, connecting and optimizing the entire restaurant IoT has the potential to dramatically enhance speed while also elevating quality.

SICOM Chef™ Kitchen Management enables restaurants to simultaneously move the needle on speed and quality by optimizing preparation and cooking processes in the restaurant kitchen, then empowering staff to carry those changes into action.

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SICOM Chef Kitchen Management

The kitchen management system that unleashes IoT in your restaurant.


Mastering the Science of Priority.

Your kitchen is a dynamic environment, and not all items are created equal. SICOM Chef understands and evaluates each order in the queue and dynamically prioritizes kitchen directives accordingly, taking cook and prep time into account.

demand patterns

Aligning Directives to Demand Patterns.

In most restaurant and food service environments, traffic wanes and picks up in distinct patterns by hour of day and day of week. Chef optimizes kitchen processes by aligning directives with demand patterns to mitigate food waste, and use valuable lulls in activity to make the best, most impactful use of crew time.


Many Channels, One Kitchen.

It’s an omni-channel world, and your kitchen is no exception. Our kitchen management system seamlessly integrates omni-channel orders that have been placed via web, mobile app and delivery app by harnessing geo-location and taking arrival time into account.


Your Restaurant, Your Configuration.

Restaurants’ kitchen blueprints often vary, even within the same franchise or brand. Chef understands your unique kitchen configuration and can be readily tailored to your unique product holding unit placement, pan layouts, day-parts, and hours.

performance tracking

Cross-Location Performance Tracking.

Chef goes beyond merely providing optimized directives to crew members. It carries these directives through to action via the intuitive SICOM Portal, where your business can grade performance across locations, maximize accountability, and make meaningful improvements.

responsive support

Responsive Support.

The quality of your support is as important as the quality of your solution. That’s why our SICOMSERV support group works around the clock to provide responsive, multi-channel access to the answers you need—right when you need them.

Key Features

  • PMIX Algorithm to Accurately Predict Kitchen Needs
  • Cook, Prep & Thaw Screens to Optimize Processes
  • Automated Temperatures & Hold Times
  • Integration with PHUs & Kitchen Equipment
  • PHU Health Monitor, Diagnostic Reporting & Alerts
  • Anytime Access to Up-to-Date Electronic Recipes
  • Dynamic Reminders & Alerts to Ensure Consistency
  • Around-the-Clock Support & Training from SICOMSERV

A Closer Look at SICOM Chef™

Chef™ provides your entire crew complete, real-time visibility into kitchen operations.

cook view

Cook View

The Cook View tells your kitchen crew what to cook and when.

prep view

Prep View

The Prep View ensures you are preparing the correct amount of cold condiments.

thaw view

Thaw View

The Thaw View directs staff on how much product to pull from the freezer for thawing.

pan view

Pan View

The Pan View shows crew what product is in each pan, how much is on hand, and when it expires.

“Chef Kitchen Management provides us with a tool to guide crew members on how much to cook and when, and what to discard and when. It helps us deliver quality products and ensures fast speed of service to the window.”

Nicole Dreier, KRAF, Inc.



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Featured Expert

“Speed of service is not a front of house phenomenon. Many don’t realize the integral role kitchen processes have on a restaurant’s speed. Chef turns the kitchen into an internet of things that identifies the best, most impactful kitchen activities at all times to drive faster service and improve food quality.”

Bob Doan, Senior Vice President

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