Strategic technologies for innovative restaurants.

Our end-to-end suite of restaurant technologies help today’s restaurants and food service providers embrace digital transformation to achieve their most important strategic goals.


Bringing omni-channel to life inside your restaurant’s doors.

SICOM solutions bring omni-channel operations to life inside the restaurant and solve real challenges by combining best-in-class functionality, usability, and value. Intuitive and data-driven, our cross-functional solutions break down silos inside the restaurant environment to make every guest experience exceptional, every operational activity efficient, and every store profitable.

restaurant front of house

Front of House

Where engaging guest
experiences are born.

middle of house

Middle of House

Where speed of service and
quality are made.

back of house

Back of House

Where KPIs converge and
improvements take shape.

customer in front of house

Front of House

Putting engagement front and center.

Your front of house operation is a trove of data that can help you engage guests better and optimize performance like never before. By adapting to patterns and preferences, our front of house solutions engage crew members and guests with the most relevant content, through the most relevant channels.

Our Front of House Solutions

sicom encounter omni channel point of sale

sicom display dynamic digital experiences

Middle of House

Removing guesswork, optimizing processes.

Your middle of house operation is integral to advancing your objectives for service and quality. By making real-time data actionable in the parts of your restaurant guests don’t see, our middle of house solutions empower staff and optimize processes to achieve more productive operational behaviors.

middle of house operations

Our Middle of House Solutions

sicom expeditor connected kitchen display

sicom chef kitchen management

sicom drive thru director smart speed of service

back of house restaurant solutions

Back of House

Making better, more informed decisions.

It is in your back of house that all of your restaurants’ KPIs and day-to-day realities converge. In the back of house, we deliver Cloud-based cross-restaurant optimization tools that harness data to drive better decisions and improve financial outcomes.

Our Back of House Solutions

sicom sems4 restaurant management


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technology center

Your technology is about you.

We put you at the center of your technology experience by adapting solution functionality to your business’s unique rules and realities. As a proven partner to the world’s largest restaurant and food service communities, we empower industry leaders to get the most out of their technology investments.

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Backed by the best service in the business.

We know that the quality of your support is as important as the quality of your solutions. That’s why SICOM is home to SICOMSERV, the most specialized support group in the industry. Our dedicated SICOMSERV team works around-the-clock to deliver responsive, multi-channel services and support to our global customer community.

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sicom service team

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