SICOM’s End-to-End Solutions Drive Operational Efficiencies for Burger King Franchisee

As one of the fastest growing QSR companies in Oklahoma, Pamax Management owns and operates nearly 30 Burger King restaurants, as well as two other QSR brands. The company is committed to exceeding customer expectations and creating a positive work environment for its employees.

Pamax’s first experience with SICOM was in 2011 with the implementation of SICOM Digital Menu Boards across its Burger King locations. Today, Pamax also uses SICOM’s Point of Sale , Drive-Thru Director™, SEMS4™ Restaurant Management, and Chef™ Kitchen Management solutions.

Digital Menu Boards Drive Sales

When selecting a Digital Menu Board solution, Pamax looked at a few different options.

SICOM was the main provider for Burger King Corporate and when Alfred Monney, Pamax’s director of IT, looked at the SICOM portal he said, “It was so easy to work with, making it a no-brainer for me. Additionally, the graphics the Digital Menu Boards offer are awesome—they deliver really sharp videos.” The vivid imagery helps to grab the customer’s attention and drive sales through the power of suggestive selling.

The fact that the SICOM DMB solution’s web-based portal has eliminated the need for Monney to duplicate work in different systems has been a significant benefit. With its robust content management capabilities, Monney can easily change the pricing, which is then automatically updated for each location and in the other SICOM systems—ensuring accuracy and saving time.

“If we decide to sell alternative combo numbers, for example, we can easily change them in the DMB portal, and they will also automatically be updated in the POS. This is key for me. It is a great system,” Monney said.

With DMBs at nearly 30 locations, Monney needs to ensure they are all up and running at all times. The SICOM Portal alerts Monney if a menu board is down at one of the locations and he is able to get all the details (i.e. if it’s overheating) in the portal and can work with the location to get it back online as quickly as possible.

Point of Sale System Increases Speed of Service

Pamax also uses the SICOM Point of Sale solution in all of its Burger King locations.

“It is much easier to use than our previous system. We make fewer key strokes, helping improve speed of service for our customers. Since we already had the Digital Menu Boards from SICOM in place, the integration helped to streamline our operations even further. I like the one-stop-shop for all my restaurant technology. If there is an issue, I have one company that I need to contact. SICOM fit the bill.”

In addition, Monney said that the intuitive touch screen interface and the integration for gift cards and mobile payments were attractive features. With the mobile payments, a customer can use their phone to make a payment and their name will pop up on the POS screen, enabling the employee to interact more personally with the customer. Pamax is also getting pin pads installed at its locations to enable customers to control their transactions themselves, and eliminate the need for employees to handle their payment cards. The SICOM POS also processes gift cards much faster than the previous system, which used a dial-up connection and was extremely slow.

Furthermore, the strict access for management requires managers to use their fingerprints to log in to the POS system to authorize transactions or changes. This provides an extra security measure for Pamax to ensure employees are not making incorrect or fraudulent changes.

Drive-Thru Director™ Keeps Transactions in Line

SICOM’s Drive-Thru Director is an advanced speed of service solution that continuously and accurately measures traffic throughput to facilitate greater efficiency, performance, and customer satisfaction.

It is integrated directly with the SICOM POS, allowing Pamax to compare data from the POS and DTD in real-time. This integration helps Pamax ensure the number of transactions matches the number of cars going through the drive thru, and that the customers are receiving what they ordered.

Chef ™ Manages the Kitchen

More recently, Pamax started using the SICOM Chef Kitchen Management solution at its locations to provide the real-time information and insights needed to improve food quality, increase operational efficiency, and significantly reduce food waste.

“Chef actually pulls historical (weekly, monthly, annual) data from the SICOM POS—eliminating the need to do it manually,” explained Monney. “It also creates reminders that pop-up on the screen to tell employees to wash their hands, for example, or discard items. Chef informs management of overstocking issues and helps them manage their inventory properly, while making sure they are always serving fresh products. We get a better idea of how the managers are running their restaurant using the Chef solution,” added Monney.

SEMS4™ Keeps Restaurants on Track

SICOM’s SEMS4 Restaurant Management is a labor, sales, and inventory management solution that enables Pamax to effortlessly manage these business functions across all of their restaurant locations in real-time.

SEMS4 produces automatic reports throughout the day that are delivered to the CEO, president, and other Pamax executives to keep them up-to-date on how each of the locations are performing.

“We knows sales for certain day-parts, how many customers have gone through each drive thru, the transaction speeds, and much more. If a restaurant is off course, we can quickly check, rectify, and fix it in real-time,” explained Monney.

Enhancing Performance From End-to-End

Each SICOM solution enables Pamax to improve operational efficiencies, while driving sales and enhancing the guest experience at its nearly 30 Burger King locations.

However, it is the seamless integration that brings the front-of-house, back-of-house, and above restaurant operations together.

Monney emphasized a number of benefits of leveraging SICOM’s end-to-end solutions. He highlighted the fact that with one website to manage operations and pull data, he is able to get all the details on all of the equipment across 30 locations, no matter where he is located.

Monney also commented on his experience with SICOM, “In the past few months, SICOM has really improved its customer service. When I call in now, I get a live technician who is able to resolve my issue immediately. It is a million times better and makes me happy to be a SICOM customer.”

Experience Matters

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