Training Empowering restaurant teams with
the knowledge to put technology to work.

Your technologies are only as good as your team’s ability to operate them efficiently in their day-to-day work. Our intuitive solutions are supported by flexible training services that teach your crew how to effectively leverage our technologies in your environment.

on premises training

On-premises training.

Through our on-premises immersion training, we meet operators, managers and crew members in their places of work. In-person training provides the unique opportunity for an experienced member of the SICOM training team to instruct crew members on key product functionality while also answering questions in real time. Training can be conducted in a group setting or one-on-one, and spans all products and functionality—from basic cashier functions to complex reporting.


On-demand iLearning.

Unlike traditional education courses, iLearning leverages the Internet to efficiently present course material to our users. To attend an iLearning course, participants simply need access to a computer with high-speed Internet in the restaurant, at their corporate office or at home.

iLearning courses are scheduled in advance and generally last 2-3 hours, presented by an experienced member of SICOM’s training team. With Instructor-led courses, class size is limited to 12 locations rather than a specific number participants, enabling each location to train its entire management staff at once.

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