Installation Animating SICOM technologies
in your environment.

Our technologies often exist in a complicated technological landscape that consists of advanced hardware and software solutions from multiple restaurant technology providers. We understand the importance of making all elements work together to maximize efficiencies for your business, and are dedicated to unlocking these efficiencies with agility, flexibility and outstanding customer service.

dedicated project management

Dedicated project management.

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated project manager that has vast industry experience and is seasoned in the technology implementation process. From design, through installation and training, each customer can rely on their dedicated project manager as a unified point of communication and coordination.

field installation

Field installation and integration.

Our team of installation experts implements our solutions in restaurants quickly and unobtrusively. Before installation, we’ll work to identify essential points of integration to ensure that our solutions are maximizing efficiencies within your existing technology landscape.

responsive repair

Responsive repair and maintenance.

Our work doesn’t end when the solution is installed and functioning in your environment. Our responsive maintenance team provides expert repair services to restaurants in the field, with replacement hardware available during service.


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