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Success StoriesRTIconnect Helps Arby’s Franchisee Fulfill Corporate Mission

Posted by SICOM | December 4, 2017


With FX4B, LLC, the mission statement is in the name: F X 4 = “Fantastic Food, Fast and Friendly.”

  • FX4B selected RTIconnect due to its flexibility and lack of up-front fees. 
  • They completed the transition to RTIconnect three months ahead of schedule. 
  • Now they provide better service and have established consistency in all restaurants. 

Charlie Harmon knows how to use technology to run a successful business. Back in the early ‘80s, Harmon saw the opportunity to help streamline restaurant management through technology, and he’s been doing it ever since. Now, Harmon owns FX4B, LLC, a 50-restaurant Arby’s group located in Arizona, and he recently transitioned to RTIconnect.

When Harmon encountered RTIconnect, he found a solution with “innovation and flexibility that was far superior” to his previous system, he explained. The innovation, combined with the absence of a large up-front fee, made it an easy decision for Harmon.

“The installation process went extremely well,” he said. “By the time we got up to ten stores, the managers who didn’t have it were hearing from the ones who did. They wanted us to move faster. There’s always a lot of up front work with this, but the managers were glad to do it because they saw the advantages of RTIconnect over the previous system.”

FX4B made the transition to RTIconnect in all its stores three months ahead of Harmon’s original schedule, but it required more than just willingness from the managers. “I was blown away at the support that I got,” explained Harmon.

The Mission

What FX4B was looking for was a solution to assist them with fulfilling their mission statement; a statement that their name serves as a reminder for: “Fantastic Food, Fast and Friendly.” RTIconnect, Harmon explained, helps FX4B provide quality food in multiple ways. Bin Charts, for example, are used at the fry stations to ensure that the right amount is prepared to avoid waste and reduce service times. “If you don’t have a quality fried product, which all have short hold times and deteriorate quickly, you’ve got 85 percent of your orders going out with less than fantastic food.”

From a service standpoint, FX4B uses RTIconnect’s Visual Scheduler™ to identify problem areas and make adjustments on a store-by-store and day part basis. The Visual Scheduler is useful, Harmon explained, for more than just ensuring each restaurant is adequately staffed. “Our goal,” said Harmon, “was to match up labor with sales better than we’ve ever done it before and to give better service and lower service times. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

For both food quality and service, consistency is a necessary standard for a restaurant group. RTIconnect, Harmon explained, helps FX4B maintain a consistent level of excellence, from Bin Charts to Daily Task Lists. For managers—both new and experienced—daily lists can provide valuable guidance for consistently completing tasks. This allows Harmon and FX4B to establish priorities and quickly distribute lists on daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for each restaurant.

Trusting the Numbers

When it comes to important information—whether it’s daily sales or payroll—speed is crucial, but incomplete data, no matter how fast, can only be so helpful. Before RTIconnect, incomplete numbers caused multiple problems for FX4B. With payroll, for example, it was difficult to tell with the previous system when payroll was completed and approved at the store level. With RTIconnect, that’s no longer the case. “On Monday morning at 10 o’clock now we know we have accurate numbers, and we can start payroll immediately.”

In addition, FX4B used to have to gather daily and weekly numbers to generate reports. “Now, that’s all automatic,” said Harmon. “Whether I look on my computer at home when I wake up, or it’s the manager on a laptop, we can see the most recent numbers.” 

Finding Solutions

In addition to the speed and accuracy, Harmon uses the flexibility of the reports to quickly find solutions with RTIconnect’s drill-through feature. “We’ve got several reports now that put things together, and it’s very quick for either the manager or the supervisor to tell exactly what’s going on when there’s a problem and where to look to solve the issue.”

Previously, finding the exact source of the problem—whether it was with inventory numbers or till shortages—could be a difficult task for managers. “It used to be through trial and error. Now we know exactly what’s going on and can find a solution.”
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