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Taking an Experience-First Approach to Quick Service Restaurant Technology.

Speed, accuracy, and consistency have always been fundamental to the quick service model. Yet, in today’s dynamic food landscape, the difference between a good experience and a great one comes down to more. In order to build lasting loyalty, today’s QSRs must engage each and every guest in new and personalized ways.

At SICOM, our technologies empower quick service restaurants to make every experience exceptional by elevating virtually every aspect of the QSR operation. With more than three decades of experience delivering end-to-end quick service restaurants technologies, we serve some of the world’s largest QSR brands.

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Top Challenges for Quick Service Restaurants

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Adapting to an Omni-Channel Reality

In today’s dynamic food landscape, to stand still is to fall behind. As guests desire more connected and personalized experiences than ever, quick service restaurants are increasingly embracing technology innovations that deliver consistent, effortless, and engaging experiences via virtually any digital channel.

SICOM Encounter empowers QSRs to adopt a comprehensive omni-channel strategy with new levels of efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. With offerings for your core point of sale, customer-facing kiosks, outdoor kiosks, tablets and mobile ordering, SICOM Encounter elevates the quick service pos from a transactional solution to an experiential centerpiece.

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Elevating Engagement in the Drive Thru

In the drive thru, one slow order can lead to a speed trickledown effect, holding up lines and increasing wait times for hours to come. With drive thru guests prioritizing speed and convenience above all, quick service restaurants are challenged to bring engagement to the great outdoors while keeping lanes fast and flowing.

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SICOM Drive-Thru Director employs gamification, real-time data, and drive thru visualization to motivate speedy service and continually raise the bar across all of your locations.

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Delivering Meals Consistently & Accurately

Guests expect to receive their favorite meals the same way every time, no matter the day-part or location. Achieving this universal accuracy requires advanced kitchen monitoring and precise inventory tracking—not just at one location, but across all of them.

Chef Kitchen Management powers the kitchen of things, providing crew members the friendly middle of house directives they need to universalize standards for quality, freshness, and consistency.

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Supporting Local & Global Growth

Many of today’s leading quick service restaurants span multiple regions and nations, delivering delicious meals and engaging experiences to a myriad of communities and cultures—each with their own unique preferences. Managing your ever-expanding footprint requires that you adopt standardized quick service restaurant technology and operational practices to increase efficiency and achieve the flexibility required to systematically deploy localized variations.

The SICOM Portal offers a single Web-based interface to centrally manage your QSR technology and ensure consistent guest experiences across your restaurant—regardless of if you operate locally, nationally, or globally.

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Managing & Maximizing Operational Efficiency

Optimizing your inventory and labor is a delicate science with sweeping implications for store and brand profitability. Controlling and optimizing expenditures like these requires that your quick service restaurant take a data-driven approach to align inventory and labor needs to demand patterns.

SICOM SEMS Restaurant Management pairs real-time, cross-restaurant data with Cloud-based tools for visibility and control to connect quick service managers to the information they need to make better, more effective operational decisions.


Partnering with the World’s Largest Quick Service Restaurants

Today, SICOM delivers experience-first QSR technology solutions to some of the world’s favorite quick service brands.

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Backed by the best service in the business.

The quality of your support is as important as the quality of your solutions. That’s why SICOM is home to SICOMSERV, the industry’s most specialized support group. Our dedicated SICOMSERV team works around-the-clock to deliver responsive, multi-channel services and support to our global customer community.

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