Food Service Management

Food Service Management


Serving Up Food Service Technology, So You Can Serve Them Even Better.

When it comes to food service management, exceptional guest experiences are based on more than just great food. In addition, they require today’s universities, hospitals, and corporations to engage high volumes of guests in personalized ways, allowing them to engage via their channels of choice, and delivering food when and how they want it.

At SICOM, we believe that technology, like food, is about experience. That’s why we’re committed to powering better experiences through food service technology that unleashes new possibilities for guest engagement and operational efficiency.

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Top Challenges for Food Service Management

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Adapting to Evolving Customer Preferences

Building lasting loyalty requires food service management companies to engage guests on their terms. That means understanding each guest’s unique preferences, and responding in real time with personalized and engaging experiences that captivate, convert, and delight.

SICOM Encounter raises the bar for personalization and allows food service providers to flexibly embrace omni-channel innovation through seamless solutions for food service point of sale, self-order kiosks, tablets, and mobile ordering.

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Deploying a Structured LTO & Promotional Framework

Today’s guests desire more diverse food options than ever before. In order to drive repeat visits and differentiate yourself against competitors in proximity to each of your sites, today’s university dining halls and corporate cafeterias must adopt food service technology that dynamically adapts to guest preferences through timely and seasonal LTOs and daily specials.

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SICOM Display empowers food service providers to quickly configure and launch LTOs and promotions across one, some, or all of their locations.

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Managing Inventory & Traceability At Scale

At the end of the day, adopting technology in the food service industry is about increasing profitability across each of your locations. By utilizing scalable, demand-based inventory management, sites can cut out superfluous spending, instead leveraging data to better meet daily demand without the waste.

SICOM SEMS4 is a dynamic food service software solution that leverages historical point of sale data to align inventory management with demand patterns, radically reducing costs associated with food waste.


Providing Scalable, End-to-End Experiences

Today’s food service providers serve thousands of guests across thousands of locations. That means guest engagement and personalization must be scalable so that guests receive the same great experience every time and everywhere.

The SICOM Portal provides you a single, Web-based interface to centrally manage your menu and measure performance, ensuring a consistent guest experience across channels and locations.

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Achieving Universal Data Visibility & Control

When it comes to managing your food service technology, knowledge is power. Embracing data-driven decision making requires you to tap into standardized insights across all of your locations.

SICOM 360° unleashes standardized insights from across your food service locations and technology systems to empower you with highly relevant, real-time data insights.

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Partnering with the World’s Largest Food Service Management Companies

Today, SICOM delivers exemplary food service technology solutions to some of the world’s top food service management companies.

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Backed by the best service in the business.

We know that the quality of your support is as important as the quality of your solutions. That’s why SICOM is home to SICOMSERV, the most specialized support group in the industry. Our dedicated SICOMSERV team works around-the-clock to deliver responsive, multi-channel services and support to our global customer community.

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