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Fast Casual Technology to Make Every Experience Exceptional.

As a fast casual, you know that guest loyalty is hard won and easily lost. Standing out in today’s dynamic food landscape requires that you meet and exceed every guest expectation without exception—from personalized engagement, to quality food, fast service, omni-channel convenience, and more.

At SICOM, we know that experience matters. Our fast casual technologies put restaurants and their guests at the center of more connected, data-driven experiences. Today, we support some of the world’s fastest growing fast casual concepts in delivering exceptional experiences in a highly scalable way.

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Top Challenges for
Fast Casual Restaurants

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Elevating Experience Through Preference-Driven Innovation

Fast casual guests expect highly personalized experiences in their way, and on their time. That means today’s fast casuals must empower guests to order on their favorite channel, whether on-premise or off-premise, and offer them relevant promotions and LTOs that are tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

SICOM Encounter empowers fast casuals to embrace a flexible, omni-channel strategy while engaging guests every step of the way. Equipped with Intelligent Upsell™, SICOM Encounter serves guests relevant and personalized recommendations across all of their favorite channels—from the fast casual point of sale, to the customer-facing kiosk, outdoor kiosk, tablet, and mobile ordering.

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Upholding Outstanding Quality & Freshness

Fast casuals are known for their commitment to fresh, quality food. Yet, even if ingredients are technically still good, the aesthetic impact of wilted greens or shriveled vegetables can have sweeping implications for guest perception of your brand.

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SICOM Chef powers the kitchen of things, providing fast casual crew members the friendly middle of house directives they need to universalize standards for quality, freshness, and consistency.

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Deploying a Dynamic & Measurable LTO Framework

Today’s guests expect fast casuals to offer highly engaging and individualized experiences. Doing so requires a flexible framework that delivers engaging and relevant LTOs in real time that appeal to guest preferences.

SICOM Display enables rapid LTO deployments at scale, empowering growing fast casuals to quickly implement, manage, and measure timely promotions across one, some, or all of their locations.

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Embracing the Drive Thru for Greater Convenience
& Sales

More and more, fast casuals are adopting the drive thru as a means of increasing convenience and sales. As a relative new comer to the drive thru experience, fast casuals must employ solutions that elevate drive thru speed and accuracy without compromising on experience.

SICOM Drive-Thru Director employs gamification and real-time drive thru visualization to empower crew members to deliver orders with greater speed and accuracy. Paired with the engaging SICOM Display Outdoor and intuitive SICOM Encounter Drive-Thru, our experience-first drive thru solutions empower fast casuals to deliver exceptional experiences inside and outside the restaurant.

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Scaling Operations Rapidly & Effectively

As your fast casual concept continues to grow, you are not only challenged to delight guests, but also to enhance efficiency and profitability at scale by replicating operational best practices across all of your locations.

The SICOM Portal ensures omni-channel continuity though one ubiquitous, Web-based interface that enables you to centrally manage content and measure performance across your growing community of restaurants and fast casual technology landscape.

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Partnering with the World’s Fastest Growing Fast Casual Brands

Today, SICOM delivers experience-first fast casual technology solutions to some of the world’s fastest growing restaurant concepts.

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Backed by the best service in the business.

The quality of your support is as important as the quality of your solutions. That’s why SICOM is home to SICOMSERV, the industry’s most specialized support group. Our dedicated SICOMSERV team works around-the-clock to deliver responsive, multi-channel services and support to our global customer community.

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