Many guests. Many goals. One technology platform.

Technology is reimagining what customers expect from their favorite food experiences, and how restaurants deliver.

From delivering personalization in a scalable way, to embracing omni-channel interactions, to optimizing kitchen workflows and back office decisions—we deliver an experience-first suite of technologies that helps quick service restaurants, food service management companies, fast casual concepts, and convenience stores embrace and unleash the potential of digital transformation.

SICOM is at the helm of the movement that is harnessing technology to run restaurants more efficiently, serve guests more effectively, and make more informed, data-driven decisions every step of the way.


Quick Service Restaurants

For the quick service restaurant, thriving in today’s dynamic foodscape means delivering on every guest expectation, without exception. Rising demands for personalization and relevance are paired with a range of operational complexities that must be managed while maintaining continuity and control across all locations—at all times.

At SICOM, we provide quick service brands, franchisees, and restaurants with an entire suite of crew- and customer-facing solutions that put users at the center of more connected, efficient, and effective experiences while setting your entire brand up for data-driven success.

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Food Service Management

Today’s food service management companies must deliver outstanding experiences to an ever-increasing volume of guests—all while managing an increasingly complex array of orders. At the same time, providers are challenged to engage each of their many customers in new and personalized ways.

At SICOM, we provide food service providers an end-to-end framework for consistency, engagement, and control through scalable crew- and customer-facing solutions that touch every part of the food service operation.

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Fast Casual

Fast casuals have transformed the food landscape by providing new and innovative food options in a dining environment that is often differentiated by tech innovation. As today’s most promising fast casuals continue to expand, they must differentiate themselves through engaging, omni-channel interactions while also establishing the technology-enabled processes needed to scale.

At SICOM, we provide growing fast casuals a suite of breakthrough solutions that empower more dynamic and personalized guest experiences, along with the middle of house and back office solutions needed to maximize consistency, efficiency, and profitability across their growing number of locations.

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Convenience stores with prepared food operations must empower guests to order prepared food through a myriad of unique channels—from the gas pump, to kiosks and smartphones. The ability to seamlessly cross channels must be paired with streamlined processes that empower stores to deliver fresh food, fast.

From omni-channel solutions, to digital signage, kitchen management and more—we provide convenience stores a suite of solutions focused on better engaging and serving their guests, no matter where they are or which channel they came from.

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“Whether our customer is in a large QSR, a food service establishment, a growing fast casual or a convenience store, the end-goal is the same: deliver outstanding customer experiences in an efficient and scalable way.”

Lee Pearson, Director of Sales & Marketing


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