Many Customers, One Experience: Generation X

W hether 18 or 80, restaurant guests are all seeking a great experience when they hit up their favorite food spot. In the first installment of our “Many Customers, One Experience” blog series, we examined the unique needs of the Baby Boomer generation. In this second installment, we’re turning our attention to Generation X.

The needs of Gen X are well summarized by the lyrics of Brian Adams, “You know it’s true. Everything I do. I do it for you.” While Baby Boomers are marked by a rugged anti-establishment persona, Generation X allows brands to make more personalized connections—provided that they can serve customers in a more personalized way.

Today, Gen X-ers range in age from 37 – 53 years old. Considered by many to be the “forgotten generation,” Generation X is made up of busy parents and professionals who are often caught between caring for their children and parents. It makes sense, therefore, that when it comes to an ideal restaurant experience, Gen X guests want to be catered to. Specifically, this generation is interested in:

Quick & Easy On-the-Go Ordering

Whether a Gen X-er is feeding kids on the way to baseball practice or stopping by for a bite between meetings, you can bet that time is of the essence. This on-the-go generation prefers to order via channels that align with the pace of their fast-moving daily lives, particularly mobile. In fact, 33% of Gen X uses mobile payments, the second highest proportion of any generation. On average, a member of this generation even spends 3,188 minutes per month online via smartphone apps.

For members of Generation X, ordering a meal on a restaurant’s mobile app should be a fast, easy, and convenient experience—regardless of whether they are ordering food for themselves, their whole family, or their entire office. Mobile user interfaces should be optimized for streamlined and scalable ordering, but it doesn’t stop there. With an effective omni-channel order fulfillment solution, restaurants can ensure that pick-up goes just as smoothly.

Helpful Suggestions

Gen X’s craving for convenience and customization makes personalized suggestions a key part of their ideal restaurant experience. The kicker is, if Gen X-ers don’t readily see complementary offerings, they traditionally will go without—resulting in less fulfilling dining experiences for them and less profit for you. POS and self-order solutions that leverage up-selling and cross-selling tactics not only deliver suggestions that make Gen X-ers feel uniquely served; they also capitalize on Generation X’s spending power.

In 2017, members of Gen X spent an average of $4,249 on food away from home. That’s over $1,000 more than the next highest generation. In a mature segment like Generation X, members clearly do not lack the disposable income needed to eat out on a regular basis—and they appreciate being reminded of opportunities to spend more, if the offer is right.

Personalized Experiences

Finally, as the “forgotten generation,” Gen X needs more than just suggestive selling to make them feel valued by restaurant brands. 44% of those in Generation X say they prioritize companies who also prioritize them. In other words, Generation X favors companies that strive to meet their individual needs.

Gen X-ers are looking for seamless restaurant experiences that allow them to sit back, relax, and enjoy great service, instead of always doing the serving. This requires restaurants to achieve excellence from the front of house, to the middle of house, and back office—all while making each customer feel uniquely understood.

Generation X

Convenience and Customization Craving Customers
This generation of busy parents and professionals need restaurants to serve up:

Catering to Generation X with SICOM

Speed. Suggestions. Personalization. Deliver on these pillars of the Gen X experience and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a well-loved brand. Our technologies can help.

To make Gen X fall in love and stay in love, SICOM provides a full range of omni-channel ordering solutions and dynamic digital signage that restaurants can leverage to exceed expectations while mastering the art and science of customization.

Contact SICOM today to learn more about our experience-first technologies, and make sure to keep an eye out for the next blog in our series—Many Customers, One Experience: Generation Y.

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Miguel Solares
November 19, 2018

As SVP of SICOM, Miguel delivers a wealth of insights into the QSR space that are informed by more than 20 years of experience. Pairing his deep expertise with a bright vision for the future of QSR, Miguel is a luminary in harnessing technology to unleash digital transformation.

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