Elevating the Guest Experience, Together: 4 Reasons We’re Excited to Welcome NEXTEP SYSTEMS to the SICOM Team

A Shared Focus and Commitment to the Guest Experience

It is an omni-channel world, and we’re all living in it. Gone are the days when the front counter was the only channel, and gone are the silos that once restricted one restaurant technology from speaking to others.

While on-premise technologies like point of sale terminals and kiosks continue to engage customers inside the restaurant, off-premise technologies like mobile ordering are also on the rise as preferred channels amongst millennials who desire the ultimate flexibility.

In order to be truly end-to-end, a technology provider must embrace the new, dynamic context in which quick service, fast casual, and food service establishments operate. That means an extension of technologies into self-order and off-premise dimensions of the guest experience, and a commitment to innovation that keeps today’s guests happy and today’s restaurants ahead.

In light of this reality, SICOM is thrilled with our recent acquisition of NEXTEP SYSTEMS, a leader in self-order and off-premise technologies focused on elevating the guest experience.

Let’s dive into 4 reasons we’re excited to welcome NEXTEP to SICOM:

1. A Shared Focus on Experience

In the quick service and food service space, experience matters. In fact, the guest experience reigns supreme as the single greatest driver of restaurant loyalty and sales. In order for restaurant technology providers to move the needle, experience must come first.

We’re not alone in this philosophy. NEXTEP strives to understand and elevate every aspect of the guest experience through a host of best-in-class technologies, from self-order kiosks with facial recognition to Intelligent Upsell™ technology.

At the same time, NEXTEP also shares our commitment to outstanding customer service—which is essential to maximizing ROI on any new technology investment.

2. An End-to-End, Omni-Channel Suite

There’s no doubt, omni-channel is both the present and the future of the quick service and food service worlds. From the drive thru to kiosks, mobile and more, guests are placing orders across a myriad of channels from which they expect intuitive functionality, personalization, and complete continuity.

NEXTEP powerfully augments SICOM’s existing solutions with self-order and off-premise technologies that engage guests when and how they want to be engaged. Together with our ability to manage and deploy centralized, omni-channel updates, our combined solutions unleash real-time insights that enable new levels of proactive, data-driven decision making.

3. A Commitment to Innovation

Today’s restaurant landscape requires continued innovation in order to keep ahead. With customer preferences ever-evolving and new dining options emerging at every turn, it is innovation that sets a successful concept apart from an outdated one.

NEXTEP and SICOM share a joint commitment to bringing the technologies of tomorrow to life in the restaurants of today. Both NEXTEP and SICOM have a robust Customer Experience Center where we ideate, collaborate, and create the future of restaurant technology.

4. A Best-in-Class Team of Restaurant Experts

They say great minds think alike. It’s no wonder then that from the start, SICOM and NEXTEP approached the restaurant landscape differently than average technology providers. We are both focused on delivering best-in-class solutions that empower exemplary guest experiences, time and time again.

Now, as one team, we combine our respective histories of excellence and passion for service to form one, cohesive technology partner that is committed to driving restaurant success through deeper knowledge, more innovative solutions, and better customer service.

A New Kind of Restaurant Experience

Our end-to-end suite of solutions and customer-centered team are together shaping better experiences for quick service, fast casual, and food service concepts everywhere.

Want to hear more about our combined value? Let’s talk today.

Joining Forces

Improving guest experiences, together.

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Jere Richardson
June 27, 2018

As the head of marketing and sales at SICOM, Jere's vibrant vision and deep experience are integral to ensuring the innovations we deliver are in lock-step with the needs of our market and capable of differentiating our customers in today's dynamic food landscape.

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