Driving Quickness and Quality at Burger King with SICOM’s Restaurant Solutions

QQR, Inc. (Quick Quality Restaurants) owns and operates 16 Burger King restaurants with 11 locations in New Jersey and the remaining five in New York.

QQR was using a point of sale (POS) system in all of its stores, but was struggling with frequent breakdowns and support issues that were causing delays. Frustrated, QQR management decided to make a change and convert its POS systems to SICOM Point of Sale.

“We have less breakdowns with the SICOM POS and their team provides us with much more advanced support than our previous POS provider,” said Bruce Garza, VP of Finance at QQR. He explained that if a manager requests support, SICOM is able to resolve it within the hour. With its previous POS provider, it was often days before a problem was fixed. Garza also shared his appreciation for being kept in the loop with email notifications from SICOM’s support team each time a manager made a support request and when each request was resolved.

The easy-to-use SICOM POS interface enables the Burger King employees to efficiently transact guests and boost sales with the latest promotions, LTOs, and combos at their fingertips for cross selling.

Even more of the value of the solution comes into play on the back end. “SICOM’s POS is integrated with our time clock and payroll solutions, allowing employees to punch in and out right from a register and it’s easily downloaded to the payroll system,” explained Garza.

“It provides real-time labor and sales information to our management team and we are able to consolidate information from all the stores. At any given point in time, we know where we are. This is a tremendous help.”

Grabbing Attention with Digital Menu Boards

QQR has also been leveraging the power of SICOM’s Digital Menu Boards (DMBs) in all of its 16 locations for four years.

With traditional menu boards, posting new specials and promos was a challenging and time-intensive task. DMBs provide a much more visually-pleasing display of the Burger King products, enabling managers to easily promote new sandwiches, specials, etc.

With more vivid imagery that grabs the attention of guests and easily changeable menu items and pricing, QQR is able to boost sales while also minimizing time spent managing menu boards at each of its stores.

All content updates and changes can be done from the SICOM Portal and the content can remain consistent among the restaurants. However, SICOM’s DMB Portal also allows each store manager to tailor their menu board content as needed for location-specific promotions.

Bringing Awareness to the Drive Thru

To ensure the highest level of efficiency and customer satisfaction, QQR has also implemented the SICOM Drive-Thru Director™ at all of its Burger King locations.

This speed of service solution continuously and accurately measures the traffic throughput providing managers and crew the ability to visualize the cars in line, automate the order management and track speed of service performance.

SICOM offers a Rack-N-Stack™ tool that provides comparative reporting of the QQR Burger King stores and how each stacks up relative to the others within the franchise, creating friendly competition that also drives performance at each individual location.

“Speed of service is a part of our bonus program, so Drive-Thru Director is a perfect tool to improve performance. We set monthly speed of service goals and the Drive-Thru Director reports are easily downloaded to share with employees. Drive-Thru Director also helps us to know if orders are being messed up or delayed, decreasing productivity or irritating customers. The awareness of time is key. It’s right there for everyone to see.”

Time to Get Faster

See how Drive-Thru Director can put your QSR in the fast lane. 


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