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Success StoriesBurger King Franchisee Reaches New Heights with Suite of SICOM Solutions

Posted by SICOM | November 27, 2017


Since it was founded in 2003, FOR Northwest, LLC has been rapidly expanding its franchise of Burger King restaurants in the northwestern United States. Currently, the company has 34 Burger King locations in Washington and another four in Alaska.

FOR Northwest prides itself in providing its guests with hot, fresh food, served quickly in a clean and friendly environment; as well as being a great place to work for its employees. Technology is an essential part of providing a high-level of service and making its restaurants good places to work.

Increasing Sales and Streamlining Operations with Digital Menu Boards

FOR Northwest uses SICOM’s Digital Menu Boards at all of its locations. Equipped with high-definition images and powerful videos, SICOM’s Digital Menu Boards enable restaurants to elevate the appearance of their front of house and capture the attention of guests.

“The Digital Menu Boards clearly provide a level of professionalism to our restaurants. The product presentation and the ability to focus on promotional products has been very successful,” said Mark Escamilla, COO for the franchise. “And, the guest perception of our products is fantastic.”

In addition to the suggestive selling capabilities of the Digital Menu Boards, SICOM’s web-based portal provides seamless integration with the restaurants’ Point of Sale (POS) solutions, enabling them to synchronize the latest specials and promotions with their POS operations. It also provides a centralized location to manage all 38 of the restaurants’ menu boards from one location and make menu and pricing updates in real-time.

“Seattle is a very competitive job market,” explained Escamilla. “Going digital with our menu boards has made the managers’ jobs easier, helping us to attract and keep employees. Managers no longer need to be burdened with changing menu or pricing strips on menu boards. It has freed them up to focus more on serving our customers.”

Escamilla has also recently installed its first SICOM Outdoor Digital Menu Board for one of its drive thrus. These outdoor menu boards are integrated with the indoor menu boards, providing the ability for content to be dynamically tailored for each guest based on the items they have ordered. “It is a product whose time has come,” he said. “It will be a standard part of all of our new restaurants and remodels going forward.”

Creating Friendly Competition with Drive-Thru Director

FOR Northwest is also using SICOM’s Drive-Thru Director™ to provide a real-time visualization of the cars in the drive thru and deliver a higher speed of service.

Escamilla has found the Drive-Thru Director’s Rack-N-Stack™ functionality particularly beneficial, enabling their 38 Burger King locations to develop some friendly competition with one another. 

“Rack-N-Stack really helps improve speed of service, showing our crews where they stand among our group of Burger King restaurants,” Escamilla explained. “It has been very positively received and has had the greatest impact on the speed of service. There is an ongoing buzz among our districts, which is very healthy and helping us to move results forward in a positive direction.”

The reporting capabilities offered by SICOM’s Drive-Thru Director are also helping to improve performance of the restaurants. “Every morning we see the performance by day part for all of the restaurants,” said Escamilla. “This is a powerful tool for restaurant managers. Having daily and monthly numbers available at any point in time is a big win for us. It is changing the awareness at all levels of the organization, helping us to focus on our restaurants that need more assistance.”

Reducing Waste with Chef Kitchen Management 

FOR Northwest was an early adopter of SICOM’s Chef™ Kitchen Management solution. “I tested Chef against a competitor and it was apparent within a few days that it is a superior product,” said Escamilla.

“Its ease of operations for the restaurant team to understand kitchen operations and its intuitiveness has made it an easy transition. The product prep cards and the on-the-spot training are working out well for us. Our teams believe in the tool and we are seeing good improvement in waste control in all the restaurants. In our lower volume restaurants, we have seen a 1/10 to 2/10 percent improvement in waste control, which is a big win in these restaurants. Our product quality attributes are also continuing to improve.”

All levels of my team are very complimentary and energized about improvements to our restaurants,” said Escamilla. “And, we are very comfortable with the project management resources from SICOM – I can’t say that with every vendor I deal with.”

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