Creating the guest experiences of tomorrow, together.

We take our commitment to experience seriously. That’s why we built TheWorks—a fully-functional restaurant experience center that allows you to discover the value of our connected solutions firsthand—in the heart of our corporate headquarters.

Robust and category agnostic, TheWorks helps you find everything you need to deliver truly transformative guest experiences in your restaurant—that is, minus the food.

theworks guest experiences

Putting TheWorks to Work for You

theworks fast food restaurant simulator

Step into the Shoes of Guests and Crew Members

At TheWorks, you can experience technologies from your customer’s point of view—making you more aware of what constitutes a great experience and what’s required to further up-scale your concept.

theworks strategic solutions

Collaborate on Strategic Solutions

TheWorks offer a collaborative space for SICOM to meet with your team, learn about your strategic goals, and apply best-in-class technologies to make them a reality.

theworks integrated technology

Experience the Synergies of Integrated Technology

In TheWorks, you’ll discover firsthand how SICOM’s suite of integrated solutions work together to break down siloes, eliminate data redundancy, and dramatically improve operational efficiency.

theworks active test environment

Engage in an Active Test Environment

At TheWorks, you can put our new and existing technologies to the test before rolling them out in your restaurants, empowering you to experience the impact of your new deployments firsthand.


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