We believe technology can help restaurants achieve their goals. We deliver the partnership to make it happen.

Since our start, we’ve supported leading restaurants and food service providers in employing best-of-breed technologies to grow their businesses. By pairing leading edge restaurant technology innovation with agile service and front line expertise in your day-to-day demands, SICOM is powering a new era of restaurant profitability.

Today, we deliver the only end-to-end enterprise platform exclusively designed for quick service and food service communities. From the board room to the front counter, our team of experts works around-the-clock to empower you to get the most from your restaurant technology investments.


These are just some of the reasons why leading restaurants call SICOM their trusted technology partner.

passionate people

Passionate People.

We hear it time and time again: our team is the most capable and passionate in the industry.

outstanding technology

Outstanding Technology.

Innovative. Practical. Reliable. This is the trifecta achieved by each of our restaurant technology solutions.

unrivaled agility

Unrivaled Agility.

We move fast. Our customers tell us that our responsiveness and agility are virtually unrivaled.

specialized service

Specialized Service.

Our experts deliver all of the services you need—from C-level strategy to around-the-clock support.

proven partnership

Proven Partnership.

This isn’t our first rodeo. Today, we serve more than 30,000+ restaurants in 62+ countries.

Jere Richardson

Jere Richardson

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Franchise Sales

Miguel A. Solares

Miguel A. Solares

Senior Vice President

W. Robert Doan

W. Robert Doan

Senior Vice President, Research & Development

Scott Meyer

Scott Meyer

Senior Vice President, Operations

Michael Zarzeka

Michael Zarzeka

Senior Vice President, Information Technology & Systems

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Let’s create the future of restaurant technology, together.

Our team is shaping the future of an entire industry, and having fun while we’re at it. We’re always looking for new people to join our growing team.

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A dynamic story, still being written.

We were founded more than 30 years ago to deliver a different kind of technology experience. Since then, we’ve become partner to the world’s largest restaurant brands.

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We take experience seriously.

In fact, experience is so important to us that we built a fully functional restaurant in our very own office. Learn about TheWorks, a connected restaurant that delivers everything but the food.

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Our team of experts serve up insightful perspectives on relevant restaurant technology topics weekly. Read our blog and learn firsthand why we are a partner set apart.

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