SEMS4 Restaurant Management

SEMS4™ Restaurant Management One solution for comprehensive
restaurant management.

sicom restaurant management

Three Pillars, One Portal.

SICOM Restaurant Management delivers best-of-breed labor, sales and inventory management functionality from a single, data-driven console. As a result, you can intuitively and effortlessly manage all of your restaurant locations, at all times.

Labor Management

Take the labor out of labor management.

Demand-Driven Staffing Requirements
Accurately predict staffing requirements based on your business’s demand.

Simple, Interactive Scheduling
Intuitively create employee schedules in a matter of minutes.

Automated Approvals & Submissions
Dynamically manage submissions, approvals and time swaps across all locations.

Real-time Performance Metrics
Make proactive decisions using real-time metrics on attendance, productivity and spending.

restaurant labor management screen

Inventory Management

Optimize inventory.
Manage costs.

Usage-Driven Inventory Optimization
Accurately predict inventory needs based on usage across each of your restaurants.

End-to-End Inventory Control
Dynamically manage the entire inventory process—from transfers, to ordering, receiving and waste procedures.

Cross-Distributor Communication
Interface with all of your distributors and automatically update standard cost.

Real-time Usage & Cost Metrics
Measure usage across locations and access food cost metrics in real-time.

restaurant sales management screen

Implementation Enjoy a seamless transition.

We specialize in helping restaurant companies—just like yours—make a successful transition to your new restaurant management tool. Our Implementation Consultants are a team of dedicated experts with the perfect blend of technology know-how and restaurant management experience. 

For implementation, you’ll receive: 

  • Your own dedicated Implementation Consultant.
  • Flexible online-based training.
  • The support of a team with more than 100 years of combined restaurant level experience.

Sales Management

Improve profitability.

Real-time Sales Insights
Access critical sales and cost data in real-time across locations.

Automated Alerts & Thresholds
Automate flags and alerts based on your customized business rules.

Meaningful Metrics & Analytics
Tap into meaningful metrics and KPIs on sales, costs and discounts.

Proactive Problem Isolation & Resolution
Isolate data by restaurant, product or category to more proactively address issues.

restaurant inventory management screen

Mobile ApplicationManage restaurant
performance from anywhere.

Access mission-critical dashboards from wherever you are using the SICOM Restaurant Management mobile application.

sicom mobile apps

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