Order Confirmation Units

Order Confirmation Units Engage guests and drive sales.

order confirmation units

Satisfied Guests, Greater Sales.

SICOM Indoor and Outdoor Order Confirmation Units engage consumers at the moment of purchase to effectively increase average ticket sales, improve order accuracy and drive greater guest satisfaction.

Contextual Content Delivery

Drive sales at the point of purchase.

Visual Promotions
Deliver visual, video-based promotions to guests as they begin the order process.

Suggestive Selling
Feature products and promotions that complement the items a guest has ordered.

Adaptive Content Delivery
Proactively adjust promotions to accommodate stock-outs and sell excess inventory.

ocu content delivery

Order Accuracy & Speed of Service

Deliver accurate orders, faster.

Guest-Prompted Order Confirmation
Empower guests to view and confirm their order before pick-up.

Payment Summary
Provide a payment summary so guests can prepare tender before they reach the payment window.

Streamline Drive Through Processes
Eliminate the need for crew to read orders back to guests before processing.

Restaurant-Wide Integration
Seamlessly integrate with your existing point of sale, kitchen management and speed of service solutions.

ocu order accuracy and speed of service

SICOM Outdoor Order Confirmation UnitsOrder confirmation never looked so good.

SICOM Outdoor Order Confirmation Units are streamlined, aesthetically pleasing and highly durable freestanding displays that provide a fresh alternative to the dated OCUs of the past. Leveraging SICOM OCUs, franchisees can transform the drive-thru experience while delivering better service than ever before.

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