Drive-Thru Director

Drive-Thru Director™Improve speed, sales and satisfaction.

drive thru director

Smart Speed of Service.

SICOM Drive-Thru Director™ continuously and accurately monitors speed of service and traffic throughput to drive greater efficiency, performance and customer satisfaction in quick service and fast casual establishments.

Automated Timing & Visibility

Deliver better food, faster.

Sensor-Based Data Inputs
Collect data from a variety of sensors using a loop-based timing system.

Real-time Visualization
View an animated, real-time representation of your drive through at all times.

Dynamic Order Management
Automate order management and fulfill more tickets each day.

Configured to Your Operation
Tailor Drive-Thru Director to your unique window configurations and processes.

drive thru director automated timing and visibility

Real-time Reporting

See how you stack up.

Real-time Metrics
Calculate KPIs in real-time including guest counts, menu times, quality and speed of service.

Rack-N-Stack™ Competitive Tracking
Empower managers to track their restaurant against others in your organization.

Comprehensive Service Reports
Deliver dynamic service reports to restaurant managers and franchisees.

Performance Tracking
Track personnel performance across shifts and day-parts.

drive thru director real time reporting

SICOMSERV™Responsive, on-demand support.

SICOM’s intuitive Drive-Thru Director requires little to no training. Should your crew have a question, we’re here with expert-led round-the-clock support to quickly answer and address it.

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